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In the movie Victor/Victoria, Julie Andrews plays Victoria a struggling singer in Paris.

After Victoria meets man named Toddy, he comes up with the idea to have Victoria dress up as a man and pretend to be a woman. This idea brings up homosexuality because Toddy in order to make sure Victoria isn’t found out pretends to be Victoria’s gay lover. As the movie goes on though Victoria along with her friend Toddy come to meet new people and stereotypes about gay people are soon broken or changed.

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Victoria in the beginning of the movie is an average young woman with beauty. She has a thin stature and red hair. However once Toddy comes up with his idea of having her pretend to be a man her appearance takes a dramatic change. Toddy cuts her hair short and she starts to wear suits. Also when outside of her apartment she has to strap down her chest.

However Victoria doesn’t seem to be to pleased about that because she does make a comment to Toddy about it right before a show one night while in her dressing room.Another thing is that Victoria must also slick back her hair and only when around Toddy can she use her regular voice. The transformation of Victoria into Victor as Toddy comes up with brings up the idea of homosexuality because Toddy and Victoria pretend to be gay lovers and also Victoria as Victor is a drag queen in his work. In the movie though the subject of homosexuality is dealt with very tactfully through humor. The movie presents many stereotypes about gay people.

Some are that all are feminine, all are out and all are flamboyant.The stereotype that all gay men are feminine is broken early in the movie when you see Richard, Toddy’s ex-lover in the beginning of the movie and he’s the idea of the perfect rugged man. Also there’s Squash who is a former football player and King’s, Victoria’s lover interest, bodyguard who breaks two stereotypes in the movie. One that all gay men are feminine and that all gay men are out. He breaks these stereotypes by coming out to King late into the movie when he sees King and Victoria after King discovers her in bed together and while he still thinks Victoria is a full-bred man.Also he breaks the stereotype that all gay men are feminine just through his appearance and background in his life as a football player and being a big rough and tough bodyguard. In the movie though you see how different types of people react differently to the idea of homosexuality.

You see how the men tend to be afraid of it to an extent because I feel they think that if they accept it then people will question their manliness. The women however seem to be more accepting of it because they see nothing wrong with it. Also women don’t have to be threatened by it in any way.Each character in the movie both men and women felt differently about homosexuality in the movie. In the end some of the characters still held their same beliefs about it and other had changed their view about.

Initially Victoria has no problem with homosexuality and by the end of the movie she still has no problem with it and the only thing she sees differently is how she was treated as a gay man. King who in the beginning of the movie was uncomfortable and somewhat unapproving of homosexuality came to by the end of the movie accept it.He does this not only because he finds out that Victor is actually Victoria but also because his close friend and bodyguard Squash comes out to him and he doesn’t feel threatened by him in anyway.

Also he sees that you cannot always tell just by looking at a person what their orientation is and what kind of person they are. Another person who by the end of the movie has a different view on homosexuality is Squash. When Squash is first introduced he doesn’t seem to care about homosexuality either way he doesn’t seem to accept or unaccept it.However a little more into the movie when Squash comes out of the closest you see that his ideas about homosexuality have changed not because he now accepts it but because he now feels comfortable with it within himself and feels safe being who he is. However not all the characters end up like Squash and Victoria and King. In the end of the movie some still have the same views on homosexuality as they began with. One of those characters is Victoria’s close friend Toddy.

Toddy in the beginning of the movie is an out gay man and throughout the movie you see that he is comfortable with it.In the end of the movie Toddy still is comfortable with his sexuality and he even gets involved with Squash. Another character who’s views don’t change in the movie are Norma’s views, Norma who comes into the movie as King’s girlfriend just learns that what you see isn’t always what you get.

She was comfortable with homosexuality from the beginning though and never really had a huge problem with it. Finally there is Cassell who in the movie is Victoria and Toddy’s agent. In the movie you aren’t really well acquainted with Cassell.However he doesn’t seem to have a problem with homosexuality and that doesn’t seem to change any time during the movie. IN the movie Victor/Victoria you see Victoria change in order to get work. However in the end what she does is change the views of people around her. She breaks the stereotypes that surround gay men and she sees first hand what it is like to live as a gay man per say.

Also she sees what even as a gay man are the advantages. So in the end Victoria not only breaks stereotypes but boundaries.

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