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Last updated: September 6, 2019

Video games have become a large part of technology over the past several years, but is that necessarily a good thing? While many think that video games do not contribute to youth violence, I for one think they do.

Firstly, studies have shown that simulating violent behavior such as hand-to-hand conflict in games has contributed to real-life reenactments of violence.  Also, video games has been proven to desensitize or lower empathy for real-life violence. Lastly, video games have taught young adults that violence is the answer to any conflict and are rewarded them for doing so. Video game technology has advanced over the years and these advances have been contributing to youth violence in significantly different ways.

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For one, according to studies and tests were done by physiology professor, Bruce Bartholow, and the Office of Surgeon General, video games are great tools and instruments to teach players and reward them for performing different types of tasks and actions. But these actions are usually linked with violent video games and have caused players to imitate or emulate these different behaviors in real life. An example of this was when two teenagers were in inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto III to shoot two passing drivers, killing one of them. Another way video games have contributed to youth violence is that it desensitizes players to real-life violence. This meaning, it lowers the care/sympathy one might have to real-world violence. In the article in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, they speak about how just 20 minutes playing of playing violent video games, players or kids have become less reactantant or prompt to real-life violence.

Lastly, video game shave taught kids and young adults that violence is the answer to any conflict and kids are rewarded to do so. Studies have shown that kids that play violent video games show more active aggressive then video game that are less violent and where players are punished or reprimanded for violence. Also, in an article by the Psychological Science, they conducted tests that have compared adolescent kids that played the same game with an with without violent actions that are being rewarded during gameplay.

Results revealed that the kids that played the violent variety of the video game have higher levels of aggression and cognition than the players who played the more creative variations of the game. All in all, violent games are connected to violent behavior in young adults and children. One way that violent video games contribute to youth violence is that the simulation of violence in video games has contributed to real-life violence. Also, video games are proven to make kids less affectionate or less attentive towards real-life violence. Finally, video games have taught kids and young adults alike that conflict is the answer to any problem, and if done so, they are rewarded for doing so.

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