Video Game Violence

Girl I’m writing a paper for. Do Violent Video Games Converge With Real Life? Recently in America, there has been an explosion of anti-gun sentiment due to recent shootings, however no one has looked at the cause. What conditions a human being to preform these horrendous acts? Well, according to a myriad of parents, it’s video games. The claim is video games are actually psychological conditioners that cause a child, or player of any age, to lash out and perform violent acts.

The scope of this paper will be violent video games’ effect on aggressive behavior as to negate the educational” video game argument and to avoid gun debate.There are three schools of thought on the subject: video games psychologically condition one to become desensitized, video games have little to no effect on the player, and that video games actually have a therapeutic effect on the player. The claim that video games deteriorate prosocial behavior and promote malevolent acts is prevalent in the American media and is emphatically preached by big names like Mitt Romney and Dr. Phil. l This school of thought began in “1983 when U. S. Surgeon General C.

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Everett Koop implicated violent video games as a eading cause of family violence. 2 More recent research indicates that 90% of parents do not check ratings on video games before purchase so this violence is easily accessible. 3 These games stimulate many psychological variables, such as aggressive schema, and even stimulate mechanic variables, heart rate, so a player is fully enthralled in the experience and ready to be conditioned. 4 With the player ready to be conditioned, the content of the game comes into play. In prevalent “M” rated games there is often highly aggressive material that psychologically arouses he player while at the same time destroying prosocial behavior. This is because in these violent games, such as GTA and Saint’s Row, players are allowed to relive these morally repulsive acts over and over until it becomes second nature.

6 With the undertones set, the player is subconsciously ready to relive these moments and violence springs forth. 7 With over 13. 3 % of adolescents playing more than six hours of video games a week8 the subconscious bombardment never ends. Experts Argue Jack Thompson and Glen Becks’ violence was tied to their obsession with GTA. But do these games really cause violence?A less supported group of thinking is that violent video games have absolutely no effect on one’s behavior. The Media tried to pin the 1999 massacre of 13 students at Columbine High School on Violent Video games, however the student indicted in the shooting seldom played and was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder. 10 Research indicates that less than 20% of violent Juvenile males play large amounts, over six hours a week, of video games while over 40% of adolescent males play violent video games. 1 This indicates that more violent adolescents don’t play large amounts of video games than do.

Video games are a part of growing up, outside factors such as disorders and family life factor into violence instead. 12 However, moving down the spectrum there is another researched school ot thought Violent video games are thought to have therapeutic effects according to recent studies. This surprising claim is supported by research at Texas A University where 377 subjects, mean age 13, were studied and all seemed calmer than their non-playing counterparts. 3 Additionally, high risk teens, ADHD and depression, were shown to be calmed further and exhibit less violent and sometimes even prosocial behavior. 4 In another experiment, the subjects’ level of violence fell by 13 to 22 percent. 1 5 The violent video games in fact deteriorated observed hostile behavior instead of the inverse.

With all this information in mind, there can be no clear conclusion, but there is a much larger pool of information supporting video games’ correlation with violence so this side seems to be best to support. On top of this it seems only logical that when ne has a method of visualizing violence fantasies that they will be psychologically conditioned to aggressive behavior.Even if there was no conditioning observed, being exposed to violence of any sort will put aggressive thoughts in the mind merely due to empirical exposure. It seems most logical that violent video games do in face exacerbate violent behavior. Citations Anderson, crag A. , & Brad J.


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