Viktoria participate in international event on Istanbul convention

Viktoria Lavriniuk (Zhukouskaya) holds Master Degree in Economics with a Master’s thesis on the topic «Marketing Development Strategy of the travel industry enterprise».

The main focus of the master’s thesis was on implementation of corporate social responsibility principles as a key factor of marketing strategy. November, 2016 – till present timeAdministrative Finance SpecialistUnited Nations Population Fund Project “Strengthening national capacity to counteract gender-based violence (with focus on domestic violence) in the Republic of Belarus”. Donors: SIDA (The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency); The Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

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          National executing organization: Ministry of Interior of the Republic of BelarusMain duties and accomplishments: – Conduct general operation of the project;- Organize and participate in Task Force meetings on the development of the draft of the Comprehensive Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence;- Organize and participate in international event on Istanbul convention aimed at assessment of the feasibility and readiness of the Republic of Belarus for signing and ratification of Istanbul Convention as an instrument to counteract gender-based violence;- Assist the process of institutionalization of the model of work with male-aggressors;- Ensure work of national toll-free hotline for survivors of domestic violence as a counseling and referral point for (adult) victims in part of financial provision and monitoring to be in line with the United Nations procedures;- Participate in elaboration and implementation of awareness raising campaign “Zero tolerance towards violence” on gender-based violence (with focus on domestic violence), shift of public opinion on the issue; – Ensure that financial delivery targets set out in the agreed work plans are in line with the UNFPA rules and procedures;- Technical expertise is provided in preparing and managing project budgets, projects accounts/transactions are monitored and analysed in accordance with the projects budgets, logical frameworks and Work Plans;- Monitoring of project financial performance of non-core resources is ensured; Proposals and project budget revisions are fulfilled timely;- Reports on projects’ funds utilization are prepared using different reporting modality as requested by donors and UNPFA procedures within the timeframe identified in project documents agreed by donors;- Project recruitment and selection process are managed applying best practice HR tools and mechanisms;- Accomplished UNFPA distance learning course on Advocacy, Action, Change and Commitment with elaboration of Advocacy plan on Maternity Gap Penalty; currently study at the UNFPA distance learning course on Gender Mainstreaming: Taking Action, Getting Results by February 2018, midterm assignment with 89% August 2016 – May 2017Author and business trainer of the project implemented under grant received from US Embassy Alumni Grant Programme. The project’s name is women empowerment by means of conducting education course on business development issues.In this project, Viktoria played roles of a project manager, trainer (strategic marketing and marketing communication) and mentor; have elaborated the curricular of the education course that comprised of 7 live sessions, 3 online classes, around 30 one-to-one sessions with mentors. The duration of the education course was 8 months with participation of 6 trainers and mentors in various aspects of conducting business, and 30 participants. Female online community comprised of just over half of a thousand members has been created.

    Goal of the project: To enable women to compete on the labour market after maternity leave by means of conducting education course on business development issues. Objectives:(1) to conduct training course on various aspects of starting business; (2) to create online community of women for support provision. There was high demand in the project participation amongst women both from Minsk and regions. It was received little more than one hundred applications to the call of submission to join the project.

Third was represented by women from regions. In order to select participants, I have elaborated a questionary to reveal motivation and commitment of the potential participants to accomplish the programme and comply with the requirements. January 2016 – July 2016 Head of National Hotline for domestic violence survivorsInternational Public Association “Gender Perspectives” International public association “Gender Perspectives” mission is to contribute to the social development where women and men making free social choice. The activity of organisation is aimed at promotion of de-facto gender equality and protection from all forms of gender discrimination via social programmes on prevention of gender-based violence, including trafficking in persons, family violence, discrimination at the working place, sexual harassment.6 employees to superviseMain duties and accomplishments: – Manage and oversee day to day hotline operations;- Assist in maintaining a departmental budget pertaining to supplies, recruitment costs and others;- Analyze the data base, data, evaluate and report effectiveness of hotline services;- Prepare recommendations on data collected enhancement for IT development company; – Establish and streamline new processes and practices such as job description revisions, assisting with salary surveys, creation a candidate pool and other HR initiatives; – Develop and procure a variety of training courses with emphasis on professional development for employees as well as participate in team clinical supervision and peer meetings;- Develop and maintain a hotline shift schedule to ensure 12-hour coverage 7 days a week. This involves maintaining routine contact with hotline counselors, volunteers, and other domestic violence agencies;- Develop current and applicable hotline resources, information and training materials as well as create knowledge base on the gender based violence issues;- Participate in the development of printed materials, public service announcements, PR and GR matters aimed at increasing of incoming calls from 350 to 450 per month, provide publications on domestic violence.

– Participate and conduct internal training on gender sensitivity, management skills and qualities, stress-management. September – October 2010 Lecture at the Higher Academy of TelecommunicationsSubjects: Analysis and planning of marketing activities, marketing communications.- Publication and presentation at the international conference on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the telecommunication company;- Incorporation and elaboration of the CSR topic into the curriculum of marketing subjects;- Conduct practical sessions on marketing by splitting classes onto project teams on implementing projects and play the role of coach and mentor of that project teams. It is innovative approach in conducting lectures.

This was very short assignment and I am not sure that it worth mentioning. I was asked to resign by the provost as I had to go to internship for three weeks to USA. However, I received his prior approval to go and last minute rejection due to political aspects.

It happened just before president elections in 2010. June – August 2010Education Coordinator, TrainerBelarusian Association of UNESCO clubs / Summer University of UNESCO clubs project  Main duties and accomplishments:- Elaborate, organize and coordinate education component of the programme;- Organize and coordinate work of trainers to be in line with the programme concept;- Consult and facilitate participants of the programme on project management;- Organize and conduct round-table conferences and Youth Forum with NGOs, UN agencies representatives, businesses, mass-media;- Prepare call of action for business participation. It was first time when businesses support youth projects that have been developed during Summer University;- Deliver monitoring questionnaires on programme implementation;-  Conduct speech and presentation on the event of International Year of Youth;- Conduct trainings on Global Citizenship content preparation as well as Millennium Development Goals and Global Compact, publish article on corporate social responsibility.

September 2009 – June 2010 Managing partnerCenter of effective communications “Svetoria”, ltd. 4 employees to supervise- Deal with all accounting matters such as cash management, disbursements record-keeping;- Calculation of taxes based on simplified taxation system and pay-rolls;- Provide other administrative and logistical support for procurement, events and meetings;- Prepare all legal paperwork to register legal unity and apply and get License at the Ministry of Public Health on psychological help provision; – Deal with all HR matters;- Organize long-term education program for psychologist and psychotherapist on system approach in consultation with German lectors. Number of participants – 25 specialists;- Conduct consulting project in one of retail companies (around 500 employees): collect data on HR issues (interview, questionnaires), analyze it, provide recommendations, assist in its implementations, and conduct training.

   January 2009 – June 2009Lecture of the course at the Institute of Tourism on policy studies in travel industryJanuary 2008 – August 2009Administrative and Finance AssistantUnited Nations Development Programme “United Nations Initiative Global Compact in Belarus” www.unglobalcompact.

org  Provide financial monitoring and reporting including:- Provide financial support to ensure an effective running of the project management unit in compliance with UNDP rules, regulations and policies of financial activities, financial recording/reporting system;- Contribute to preparation of periodic financial reports required by relevant national and/or donor procedures (Donors – UNDP Belgium) for project, donors other parties involved in implementation and funding of activities;- Ensure timely submission and verification of correctness of reports;- Interact with UNDP CO to request funds transfer, verify financial reports, budget revisions;- Provide financial monitoring over project commitments and expenditures, and assist the PM in assuring proper project delivery;- Maintenance of the internal expenditures control system which ensures that vouchers processed are matched and completed, transactions are correctly recorded and posted in Atlas; travel claims, POs and other entitlements are duly processed;- Edit reports and other documents for correctness of form and content in financial issues. Ensures implementation of operational strategies including:- Provide assistance to the Broker in the implementation of day-to-day activities and execute smoothly operational and logistical activities of the project;- Organize CSR learning/training seminars, roundtables, awareness raising conferences and outreach regional events;- Assist in fostering policy dialogue on CSR agenda at the national level and business climate conducive for CSR adoption; ensure participation of the Global Compact (GC) network in discussions;- Facilitate GCLN members in Communication on Progress submission and draft its templates of Communication on Progress (non-financial reports in line wih Global Reporting Initiative);- Assist in developing the policy proposals and papers on promotion of responsible entrepreneurship;- Arrange technical assignments for consultants and sub-contractors, provide guidance and assessment of performed tasks;- Communicate efficiently with Global Compact offices (Bratislava, Brussels, New-York) while providing informational and operational support to GCLN members;- The number of Global Compact Local Network participants has arised up to 60 companies;- Assist in implementation of public-private partnership projects “Telemedicine”, “School Milk” and other. 

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