Violent Imagine how many volcanoes are there. The

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Violent Volcanoes Around the WorldVolcanoes. One of the most explosive forces to ever have been discovered in this world.

There are volcanoes on all 7 continents. What if there is an active volcano near you? Where are the more violent volcanoes located? Exactly how explosive and dangerous can they be? Get ready for your mind to be blown! ( pun intended) Violent Volcanoes in AsiaAsia, the biggest continent in the world. Imagine how many volcanoes are there. The volcanoes I am going to present are some of the more explosive ones. The 1st volcano I’m going to talk about is Mt. Mayon, in the Philippines. It has been so active that it has erupted around 50 times in recorded history. Imagine how much damage it has done to the villages surrounding it.

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Another volcano in the Philippines, Mt. Pinatubo, with a deadly eruption in 1991, which left hundreds of people dead.Southeast Asia has a lot of deadly volcanoes since it is in the Ring Of Fire, which is an area on the Earth where there are a lot of volcanoes. Speaking of Southeast Asia, a country located in that area, Indonesia, is unfortunate to be the home of Mt. Merapi, which in a gigantic eruption in 1930 took around 1,300 lives! In Japan, the well-known Mt.

Fuji, in a 1708 eruption, caused a colossal, high-magnitude earthquake and that definitely wasn’t good for the people who lived near it. Some volcanoes to maybe watch out for are Mt. Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia, and Mt. Kirishima in Japan.Violent Volcanoes in AfricaThere are not many violent volcanoes in Africa but some are Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania and Mt. Cameroon in, obviously, Cameroon.

Ol Doinyo Lengai exploded dangerously in 1966, 2008, and 2010. The most dangerous part of this explosion was actually not the lava, but the ashes that were showered over the villages underneath it. This is the case for most other volcanoes as well. Mount Cameroon is dangerous because of its activeness as it has erupted every 2 decades.

Wow! It is not too explosive but imagine having to evacuate every so often because you know that if you stay, something bad might happen…Violent Volcanoes in North America Everybody remembers this one. The well-known eruption of Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington erupted on a nice,sunny day in 1980. Can you believe that it tore down 230 square miles of forest area as well as taking away more than 50 lives.

It’s a very good thing the eruption didn’t take place in an urban area yet the ash cloud traveled for miles and miles and could be seen in nearby populated cities.Next, Redoubt, in Alaska, erupted massively in 2009, sending an ash plume 50,000 feet into the air. Also,Mt. Hood, in Oregon was very active at the end of the last ice age and there were 2 big eruptions in the last 1500 years. There is a supervolcano , known as Yellowstone Caldera, forming under Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and its movement is becoming unpredictable. It has been rising as fast as 0.6 inches every year, which is actually a lot.

Violent Volcanoes in South AmericaActive volcanoes in South America are mostly in Chile. Chile is also home to part of the Andes mountain range. Firstly, Chaiten, in 2008, sent an ash cloud into the air which disrupted air traffic and covered nearby cities in ash. Next, the volcano of Puyehue, also in Chile, exploded in 2014. Its ash covered the landscape. But this is the first time it has erupted since 1960.

There are not many other active volcanoes in South America. This is because it is not near the Ring of Fire.Violent Volcanoes in EuropeThere are many volcanoes in Europe. A famous eruption that everybody knows about because it was so deadly is Mt.

Vesuvius with a jaw dropping explosion in 79 A.D.It absolutely buried the town of Pompeii and took thousands of lives. It hurled nearly 100,000 tons a second of superheated rock, cinders, and ash flying 20 miles up. There is also a well-populated city where Pompeii used to be and if Vesuvius erupts again it definitely won’t be good.

Next, Mt. Etna,considered the most active volcano in world, with eruptions up back to 1500 B.C, since 2001  the volcano has erupted annually. Lastly,in Iceland, Eldfell, which erupted in 1973 and forced more than 5,000 people to evacuate from near it. Iceland is a hotspot for volcanoes because of where it’s located.Violent Volcanoes in OceaniaVolcanoes in Oceania, which is basically Australia and a few countries surrounding it. Oceania is home to the tallest and largest volcano in the world which is Mauna Loa in Hawaii. You might be thinking that Hawaii is actually part of North America since it is a part of the U.

S.A. and that is true but Hawaii is actually geographically closer to Oceania. The next volcano I am going to talk about is also in Hawaii ; Kilauea has erupted continuously since 1983, adding nearly 600 acres to Hawaii’s south shore. Wow! That’s a lot of space! Last but not least, Mt. Taranaki, in New Zealand, the second-largest country in Oceania, just behind Australia.

This volcano is luckily inactive. What makes this volcano interesting is that its cone has collapsed 5 times, which is unusual and it still has one of the most symmetrical volcano cones in the world even after getting broken down so many times. I’ve never seen it, but I’d bet that it would look beautiful. It is a stratovolcano. It had large eruptions every 500 years and small ones every 4 decades. Volcanoes are everywhere. If you are near one, always be prepared to evacuate because an active volcano could explode at any given time.

Boom! If not, then consider yourself lucky because some volcanoes will absolutely take down anything and everything near it. Certain volcanoes are very active and erupt often and others haven’t erupted in centuries, but one thing’s for sure: volcanoes are not a force to be reckoned with.

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