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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Virgin Media is a digital platform that reaches people in allcorners of the world.

It promotes creating a digital world “that makes goodthings happen”. It holds values of community and creating new jobs. With thisin mind I propose to create imagery pods and place them around the grounds of Bloom.Theming nature, the pods will be similar to a 4D cinema where seats willvibrate, move and appeal to all scenery organs in the body.

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The spherical podswill engross the 12-15 people sitting in it with screens covering the walls anda sound system that is solely subject to the viewers. (1) But how do we create content? Ballyfermot is a college offurther and higher education based in Dublin-close to our event. Withdepartments such as film making, animation, sound management and interactiveentertainment development (2) a group of students could be commissioned tocreate short films to be shown in our 4D cinema pods.

But what exactly? Shortfilms, original and exciting, with a positive message matching Virgin Media’sethos of sustainability and keeping their carbon footprint down. To VirginMedia, digital technology is very important as a forward-thinking company and,so they have a team of engineers looking and researching 20 years into thefuture for possible technologies (3). In conjunction with a team of Ballyfermotstudents who are upcoming film makers, script writers, directors, animators andartists and short 4D cinema clips can be shown. Stories of the ice age/how itfeels to be a bee landing on a flower/what a carbon footprint actually means/acute animation of the fish on the coral reef/what it feels like to orbit theearth/penguins in the Antarctic…anything to do with the environment that leavesa positive message and image in the viewers heads. The 4D effects will give theviewers a up close and personal experience of nature, the environment and whyit’s so important to look after our planet. Much like the values Virgin mediahold. 4D cinemas work by engrossing the viewer from all angles. They may feel abreeze on their face or a tickle behind their legs while watching a 3D image.

With these short films an incredible experience will be created, anunforgettable moment at Bloom 2018.To remind viewers of how this is all powered, a logo willappear permanently in the bottom right corner of the main screen and quickpromotional videos containing information about the brand and statisticsproving Virgin Media’s efforts to maintain a sustainable and responsibleservice will be shown before and after each viewing. Bloom promotesgardening, getting outside and taking on adventure. To get people into thespirit of the event, a hedge maze will be erected at the entrance for a bit ofgarden fun on arrival. Without being too complicated or frustrating, the mazewill be a branching maze i.e. several paths with only one exit.

A fast trackentry will be available for those on a time frame or with certain disabilities,but the maze will be wheelchair friendly and a moderate difficulty level makingit easy to complete under 10 minutes. (4) But how will Virgin Media be involved? At the beginning andend of the course will be banners, flashing the Bloom emblem and the Virgin Mediaemblem. The company that provides mazes for hire cater corporatecompanies. The portable mazes can be above or below eye-level and are held inboxes, providing a perfect opportunity for branding (see fig.4). Staff on sitewill be there to help wearing red branded t-shirts and in dead ends will beeither a clue with a fun rhyme and association to Virgin Media or an iPad tohelp people get set up (see below).

This maze is a perfect way to get peopleinto the spirit of the garden festival and portrays Virgin Media as aninfluencer in the fun the day might bring. In previous Bloom events people have been handed a paper mapshowing where to go, what’s on etc. expected, however not environmentallyfriendly. This year at Bloom, Virgin Media will provide iPad/tablets dottedfrequently around the grounds of the event and accompanied by a representative,again in a red branded t-shirt. “Technology has a bigimpact on the way we all live and work and at Virgin Media we want to help peopleget the best from it.

” (5) The pad will officially act as a map, a user friendguide to the event. Key in or select a place to go and it will tell you how toget there from where you are and what to look out for on the way. It willconstantly be picking up information from other pads and show the user wherethe most foot traffic is and where might be quieter at the given time, similarto how google maps portrays the traffic on roads. (6)(7)(8) Many different types of groups visit Bloom. The grounds arelarge in scale with lots to do, so it is important that should the group getseparated they can find each other easily. At each station, particularly at theentrances there will be an opportunity to obtain a wrist band with a bar codeon it (see image 8). Each member of your party can take a wrist band andregister all together on the pad.

That way you are entered onto the systemthroughout the grounds as a group so if you are logging in to any pad elsewhereyou can see where your lost party member has logged on and how long ago, howthey might have rated where they are/were or where they have searched next,therefore being able to find them or follow their footsteps. By not actuallytracking each band, a level of security is ensured so that young kids would notbe subject to being followed and that individuals maintain a level of privacy. After you log in, the pad will first open to a selection pageasking your age bracket. Your age will correspond to how the pad can help you.For example, if you are 60+ the pad will be simple to use.

Bigger writing andfewer options to eliminate confusion. However, if you are a child it will go into options such as”are you lost?”, the next showings, “where can I eat?”, while the next fewdecades will be more in depth of what’s on where, top 10 must see, ‘activitiesyou never thought you would enjoy’. Easy tabs will always be on offer such as’find my friend’, ‘sign up to Virgin Media now’, ‘search’ and so on. These padswill be easy to find, easy to use and always come with an actual person you cantalk to.

Users can also register their information to be put forward into acompetition for the prize of free subscriptions to Virgin Media and so on, thuscollecting information on the demographic, giving the company an opportunity toadvertise in the future and measure how the public respond to Virgin Media. Ameasurement opportunity can also be availed of here because as they log out(from the profile they created with their wrist band) they will be asked simplyto select a box showing satisfaction. Therefore, we collect information, theage group and how satisfied they were with the service. (1)   image:   Images (x2): rentamaze-mazes-products   Image:   Image:   Image: 

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