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On Friday 23 February 2007 a virgin train going from London to Glasgow derailed and crashed at Grayrigg, near Kendal killing one individual and wounding five. The company in the imperativeness conference was positive, complimentary and dignified.A I believe that the laminitis was honest and he managed really good the crisis all the period it lasted.

The company show that they are professionals but in the same clip believable, trusty and supportive.It is common phenomenon the different attack of an issue from different journalists in magazines, newspapers or even Television and wireless programmes.This subject is really of import because it is a existent clang and particularly of a really celebrated train which had as consequence 1 decease and many hurts. It has to make with the travel safety of this company and the communicating crisis that started after the clang. The place of the company in the mass media is really of import excessively because 1000s of clients, households of the victims and in general most citizen was looking to hear about what truly happened and the place of the company.I believe that the reaction of the company was really successful. They have large assurance, they tried to be every bit much supportive they can, they provided with accurate information when it needed and in the same clip they did n’t fault the tracks company.I searched in 8 different beginnings to happen out more information about that clang.

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So in the following pages i provide some information about the beginnings and the decision I draw. The beginnings that i used are the undermentioned: 1 ) 2 ) en. 3 )

uk 4 ) 5 ) BBC 6 ) imperativeness gazette7 ) ) reuters alertnet


1 ) A Communicatemagazine. ( 2009 )

In this article defines that Sir Richard Branson turned a potentially reputation-damaging incident into an illustration of best pattern crisis communications. During a PR conference, the independent editor Simon kellner described Branson ‘s handing of the crisis as ‘genius PR ‘ He besides added that “ Branson took the narrative off from being an institutional and public catastrophe and made it on about the gallantry of the train driver ” The article describes the good communicating of the company with the media with efficiency and accurate manner. It says that the president of the company was really emotional but did n’t take the clang as his company ‘s mistake.

He even made the driver of the train as a hero. He besides point that if the train was older the accident would be worst with more deceases and more hurts. He even commended web rail for being “ dignified ” in accepting duty for the accident.

2 ) Wikinews.

org ( 2007 )

In this article the writer talk more about the incident that the statements of the company and other factors. The articles focus more to the 180 people that was onboard, the clip that the incident occurs and how many were the hurts. Include some statement of constabulary “ A train has crashed between Oxenholme and Tebay, but that is all we know at the minute. We have got two autos going at that place now and local constabularies are go toing ” , some statement of ambulance “ At the minute, we have studies of assorted hurts, from leg hurts to endorse hurts and caput hurts, runing from child to rather serious ” From the deliverance squad besides “ It ‘s our apprehension there are a figure of people injured on the train. We think there are legion hurts ” and a statement merely of the president of virgin company that says that he come from his vacations to the site and did a imperativeness conference. He stated that “ virgin train Pendolino was built like a armored combat vehicle ” and believed the path was to fault. He besides praised the train driver that tried to halt the train alternatively of go forthing the cockpit.

3 ) Virgintrains. ( 2007 )

Here we have the official articles and statements of the virgin company.A The imperativeness office foremost introduces the accident on 24 February at 2 o’clock and province that they investigate the grounds of the accident. Later on with a new imperativeness release they praised the driver and his “ astonishing occupation ” Mr Sir Richards said. He assumes that the train was built like a armored combat vehicle and it is the safer train you can be in. He besides states that he went to the infirmaries and saw some physicians and people that were in the train. After 2 yearss the driver negotiations about the accident but he do n’t state anything about it in the same it.

He province merely the support from the company during the accident, He besides states his unhappiness about the one dead and the hurts. At the same twenty-four hours the laminitis of virgin rail group makes some more statements. He says that the probes move rapidly, that his greater concern is the people that are in the infirmaries. He speak about some more hints during the accident and at last he province that they are non the 1s that must be blamed.

4 ) Michael Regester, & A ; Judy Larkin ( 2008 )

In this article we have the full narrative and all the statements. They talk about the accident but focal point on the probe besides, he acquire a clear position off the factors that caused the accident.

Sir Richard Branson ‘took his hat off ‘ to Network rail for accepting the duty for the accident. He besides said ‘It is non for us to fault but instead work closely to guarantee that this ne’er happens again.A He was careful non to knock Network rail, therefore keeping their working relationship. The writers province that he would hold significantly perpetuated what is perceived to be a national job alternatively of railroad care. The writers criticise laminitiss crisis technique that was rather good, the fact that he left a household vacation to see the clang and his hailing of the train driver as a here touches the human calamity.

They besides say ‘The now good documented hardiness of the trains used by Virgin, coupled with Branson ‘s superb stakeholder relation direction, has meant that Virgin clients have non been deterred.

5 ) BBC ( 2007 )

In this article we have at first measure some general information as we had in the old articles depicting the accident but we have a confess of a rider “ Caroline Thomson ” A BBC executive that say that the train “ did a kind of bump ” like hitting something and so the train lurched in a really bad manner from side to side. We have besides some other people speaking like exigency crews or people populating near the topographic point of the accident and we besides have web rail speaking about the line velocity at the country ( 95 miles per hour ) and the top velocity of the train ( 125 miles per hour ) . So we have a new hint in this article about hitting something, we do n’t hold this hint in the other articles before.

6 ) Imperativeness Gazette ( 2007 )

In this article we have some information for how the media responded and a unfavorable judgment about the stance of the company. They say that Virgin really good in the crisis that began and this accident did n’t lowered the credibleness of the company or ache the company ‘s name.

They besides give some information about the imperativeness office of virgin that it was closed when the accident occurred and within 90 proceedingss the imperativeness office opened and gave some replies. The first consequences although was in the following twenty-four hours. These information show the narrative from a different side. We do n’t hold information about the accident like we had in the old articles but the response of the company and the media.

7 ) ( 2007 )

In this article we have once more the statements of Mr Branson stating that he have been told that the line was faulty, we have once more some statements of the constabulary and rail web.

The information are rather common as the number ones beginnings.

8 ) Reuters alertnet ( 2007 )

In this article we have once more the description of the accident and all the statements that the others articles contain.A We have no new information about the accident, about statements of the company or even a description about the reactions.


We have eight articles speaking about the same accident. Some of them are rather common. The first one except the description makes some remarks about the laminitis of Virgin and it appears the laminitis as ‘intelligent ‘ and with good crisis techniques. The 4th bash besides the same, plus have a deeper image of the accident with more elements and statements.

The 3rd one, the official imperativeness of the company talks about the accident and provinces their company crisis policy that they have nil to make with the accident and they should n’t be blamed. They talk rather retaining and they try to be supportive. In the 2nd article the writer does n’t travel in inside informations and he remains more in the narrative of the makes.

A It seems more an information beginning and nil more. The credibleness of the office imperativeness and from the book seems more accurate, the first is the official releases of the company and the 2nd a good overall research for the accident.A The writers seem to cognize really good the incident. The 3rd article credibleness exists because its general information that released. In the first article the writer seems believable for the information but he expresses his sentiment besides. Article five was retrieved from BBC it tries to give many information but most are known from other beginnings. BBC is rather believable site with good newsmans. In 6th article we have a web site that critize the stance of the company and the media, was a good attack to the crisis job.

Articles seven and eight are information that have been repeated from other beginnings and agree together.All eight articles helped me a batch to hold a more general attack in the issue. Some of them provided me with extra information and some with debris information.A After understanding what those four articles say, I think that I know rather good the issue. I still believe that the virgin company had a great stance on this crisis communicating job and they were brave and honest and of class they did n’t lose their value, their repute and they are still a great and believable company.

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