VISHNUVARDHAN to each management.Finally, the excellence is that

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VISHNUVARDHAN REDDY SALUKUTIDR.TIMIIT-52900 This week we are talking about the ISO 9001,27001,27002 and 38500 and there similarities and circumstance. The Standardization, is Associate in Nursing freelance, non-governmental organization, the members of that square measure the standards organizations of the 162 member countries. it is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards and facilitates world trade by providing common standards between nations. Over twenty thousand standards area unit set covering everything from ready-made product and technology to food safety, agriculture and aid.ISO 27001 AND 27002: Management system means that knowledge security ought to be planned, enforced, monitored, reviewed, and improved. It means that management has its distinct responsibilities, that objectives ought to be set, measured and reviewed, that internal audits ought to be distributed therefore on.

All those components area unit printed in ISO 27001, but not in ISO 27002.The controls in ISO 27002 area unit named identical as in Annex A of ISO 27001 for instance, in ISO 27002 management half-dozen.1.6 is termed Contact with authorities, whereas in ISO 27001 it is a.6.1.6 Contact with authorities.

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But, the excellence is among the extent of detail on the common, ISO 27002 explains one management on one whole page, whereas ISO 27001 dedicates solely sentence to each management.Finally, the excellence is that ISO 27002 does not build a distinction between controls applicable to a particular organization, and folks that are not. On the other hand, ISO 27001 prescribes a risk assessment to be performed therefore on spot for each management whether or not or not it’s required to decrease the risks, and if it’s, there extent it got to be applied.

ISO 9001: Associate in  ISO 9001 quality management system may be a scientific and methodology driven approach to managing your business. it’s designed to support the company in guaranteeing you meet the requirements of your customers, whereas delivering an identical level of quality and satisfaction.This system has been proved to form business householders and managers feel plenty of up to the mark and guarantee everyone among the organisation is apparent concerning what they’re doing, whereas having the pliability and authority to resolve problems quickly and effectively. An ISO 9001 certification are achieved by any business of any size, in any given sector, that’s making an attempt to increase and enhance business productivity and performance1. INITIAL ASSESSMENT:Identify areas of non compliance.

Recommend areas of improvement to meet requirements.Compile documentation.Procedure of current business.Company is certified.

ISO 38500: ISO/IEC 38500 is that the international commonplace for the company governance of data and communication technology. the aim of the quality is to form a framework to make sure that the Board is fittingly concerned within the governance of the organisation’s IT. the quality sets out guiding principles for administrators on the way to make sure the effective, economical and acceptable use of IT at intervals their company.This useful pocket guide provides AN account of the scope and objectives of the quality.

It outlines the standard’s six core principles, sets out the three major tasks that the quality assigns to administrators concerning IT, and explains the interrelation between the two. The guide additionally offers recommendation on the way to got wind of and implement the IT governance framework.ISO 38500: IMPLEMENTING FOR IT GOVERNANCE.


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