Vitamin this, the presented manuscript reveals a different

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Last updated: August 19, 2019

Vitamin D insufficiency is one of the mostcommon nutritional associated health problems prevalent worldwide and oftenundiagnosed diseases in the medical practices. Discussions and cross-sectionalstudies relating to awareness of this problem are needed. Although severalstudies have addressed the awareness of this vitamin deficiency among differentparticipants like athletes, high- risk patients (Alemu & Varman (2012) BMCRes. Notes, 5, 17 doi:10.

1186/1756-0500-17), medical practitioners (Agens etal., (2012) e-SPEN J., 7, 6, 215-218), students (Malaeb et al.

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, (2017) J.Epidemiol. Global Health, 7, 1, 55-62), children and adults (Al-Daghiri et al.,(2016) J.Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol.

, 164,235-238), however the literaturesurvey shows that gender specific awareness is lacking. In view of this, thepresented manuscript reveals a different approach in addressing a similarproblem and delivering new information on this subject based on gendercriterion. Understanding the level of awareness of vitamin D deficiency aroundthe world through such study is an important step towards searching forsolutions to curb or prevent the adverse effect of such incident diseases.Popularisation through education is one of the methods to change humanbehavior, cultural and lifestyle attitudes.

 The statistical methods used in the manuscriptare appropriate and are based on the Fisher’s test for pairing and comparingindependent data. The number of participants in the case study is formidableand enough to acquire reliable information for analysis in such cross-sectionalstudy.I recommend that the manuscript is publishedwith minor corrections as marked in the text below:1.            Results- (“as shown in Fig.

1″) shouldbe removed from the sentence because it is confusing since it refers to thegeneral awareness among participants and not specific awareness among differentparticipants as shown in Table 4. 2.            Discussion – (“outcome of interests”)should be discarded because it is not known what type of interest in the place.One will ask whether there is a hidden pharmaceutical company interest in thismatter.

3.            Othersare minor corrections denoted in red.

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