Volumetric standards, and it also reduces on-site disruption

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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Volumetric Construction 1.

  3D units are fully prepared off site.2. It majorly consist of light weight or compound construction. (such as: timber ,light steel).3.

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Quality is controlled, measured by industries and to make sure work is going according to clients requirement.PodsPanellised systems 1. Off-site panel construction in a controlled environment means that quality is maintained to exacting standards, and it also reduces on-site disruption and waste.2. They can be delivered to site in variety of forms and then is fitted.Sub Assemblies and ComponentsSite Based MMC 1.

They are generally structural materials that are excluded from the category of off site manufactured systems .  2. To ensure these systems are of acceptable standards quality check should be ensured during their fitting process on site  3. Only systems with appropriate third party approval will meet the requirements of the technical manualTRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION METHODDefinition Methods Benefits DEFINITIONAge old practice Linear construction process Most of the construction happens on-site Largely adopted in small and medium scale projectsMETHODSBRICK MASONRYMillions of homes from a long time Less maintenanceBoth inner and outer wallsMaintaining verticalityDifficult to construct in harsh weathersTakes long timeTIMBER Equally competitive Construction is flexible Takes less time to buildEase of erection Rot due to bad weather conditions Poor acousticResistance to fire is low  BENEFITSCost of construction is low Requires less skilled requirementsEase of construction Modification and renovation is flexible Allows innovative designsEconomic Benefits of using MMC over Traditional Construction Methods Reduced Speed of ConstructionLess Workforce / Manpower Requirement Increase in market value of project Reduction of risk in Construction Process Reduced material wastage SUSTAINABILITYEnergy efficient Less impact on surrounding community High quality components High acoustic performance Low emission of green house gasesHigher life cycleBarriers of using MMC in developing countries over developed countriesCASE OF IRANCOSTCase of Georgia CONCLUSIONReferencesBernat-Maso, E.

, Roca, P. and Gil, L. (2014) “Experimental Study Of Brick Masonry Walls Strengthened With Textile Reinforced Mortar”. Key Engineering Materials 624, 397-404Buchanan, A. (2000) “Fire Performance Of Timber Construction”. Progress In Structural Engineering And Materials 2 (3), 278-289Fire Resistance (2018) available from

com/Performance-Sustainability-(1)/Fire-Resistance.aspx> 14 January 2018Kamali, M. and Hewage, K.

(2017) “Development Of Performance Criteria For Sustainability Evaluation Of Modular Versus Conventional Construction Methods”. Journal Of Cleaner Production 142, 3592-3606Klakegg, O. (2013) “Modern Construction Management”. Construction Management And Economics31 (12), 1215-1217WORK, M. (2018) METHOD OF BRICK MASONRY WORK online available from 14 January 2018https://www.premierguarantee.co.uk/media/2071/technical-manual-v10-chapter-3.pdf https://www.premierguarantee.co.uk/media/2071/technical-manual-v10-chapter-3.pdfhttps://www.buildoffsite.com/content/uploads/2016/07/NF70-MMC-WEB.pdf

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