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Walter Pater once stated, “The Renaissance of the fifteenth century was, in many things, great rather by what it designed then by what it achieved.

” The flourish of art, literature and psychology in this time helped to solidify permanent wonderment in today’s society. Studies of emotions and the human psyche continue to intrigue the young and old. This very statement is exactly why the Renaissance was so significant; it put the discovery wheels into motion for millions of people.            Before the Renaissance took place, finding a group of well-educated people was rare. Many children only studied religious texts, and they were sheltered from other pieces of literature. However, the invention of the printing press forever changed the way people read books. When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, he wanted to make books like the Bible more readily available to the public.

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It certainly worked, because literacy rates drastically increased after his invention began to gain popularity.            The Renaissance was also a time for the artistic mind to flourish. When artists like Michelangelo and Raphael began to make more realistic paintings, it opened up artistic doors that have continued to be open to this day. The use of perspective allowed art critiques to see a more natural, authentic way of portraying everyday life. The increase in making sculptures also made these statues and the people they portrayed come to life.

This use of detail helped people to appreciate the art that they were viewing more.            The increase of trade also helped the Renaissance to flourish because supplies were more readily available. Countries were no longer conditioned to sell certain goods to certain regions. As a result of this newfound freedom, trading began to increase. Now, countries could make profit from selling their goods to other countries. This helped to boost the economy for many European countries.

            Many people will argue that the Reformation had more of an impact than the Renaissance. However, while the Reformation only delved into religion, the Renaissance was so much more. The spread of new artistic ideas and the realization that life was not just about God allowed people to see that you were allowed to have fun and be yourself.

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