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Warhas become a central issue in the Philippines as of recently due to the Marawiwar that was concluded on September 30, 2017. There has also been a growing interestwith the kin of the soldiers who were given subsistence due to their departedfamily who was a soldier for their heroism and for upholding their duty tomaintain peace and order (Lucas, 2017).             The public lacks the knowledge aboutthe problems and issues that military families face especially when a member oftheir family gets deployed.

Common problems faced by the military families aremainly, but not limited to psychological. Examples are fear, panic, concern,loneliness. Other problems that can be faced are financial as the salary of aprivate military soldier is fairly low that is why military families strugglewith expenses (“How Deployment Stress Affects Families”, n.d.)             The reason for a family membergetting deployed is because there is a disruption in peace due to terrorism andviolence that the military has to restore the peace and order. Effects offamily members getting deployed to war are loneliness, panic, financialdifficulties etc (“Military & Military Families, n.d.).

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              In the Marawi war over 400 soldierswere sent to Marawi to resolve the war that erupted due to terrorism. All ofthese soldiers that were deployed has families leaving them for 5 months andnot receiving any news from them would deeply impact their family, especiallythe children whose emotionally not as developed as an adult would have but evenif an adult is emotionally developed long period of absences can result toloneliness and depression. Though it is a different story when the deployedfamily member is killed in service. Quite a bit after Martial Law was declaredthe final push to end the Marawi came upon us. October 23, 2017 – exactly 5months since the war erupted it was declared that the battle in Marawi was over(Fonbuena, 2017).

             Military families and their problemshave been dealt with in the past during 2014 when Iraq and Afghanistan has acivil war. About 1.8 million military troops had been sent to resolve the civilwar. This translates into 2.7 million family members who experienced separationfrom their family member due to them being deployed.

When the family memberscome back from their deployment they often come back with problems. Militaryfamilies depending on their location can seek mental health support. Thesesupports may include counselling, chaplains, therapists and the like.

Thoughthey are often hesitant to seek the aid that they need due to fear ofconfidentiality, appearing weak, not advancing in their respective careers (dueto background checks) (Huebner, 2012).               There is a need to try and solvethese problems as Military families undergo so many problems like divorce,depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder etc that can affect a children’sdevelopment. The researchers could also infer that less and less people wouldapply in the Military with the problems that they would face when they start afamily (“Military Family Life 101”, 2016).             Several studies have revealed thateffects of military deployment on military personnel’s mental health but littleresearch has been seen in the aspect of the effects of deployment on militaryfamilies. Moreover, how long time separation from spouse, father or mother canaffect the members of the family and family dynamics.             Recent studies have been conductedon the effects of deployment on military families, which focus on the mentalhealth and the struggles that these families has to go through.

The studieswere largely based on the struggles in terms of behaviour.              The researchers found a study byPeebles-Kleiger and Klegier (1994) states that a parent getting sent to a warridden area has been described as “catastrophic” stressor for militaryfamilies. This is true in the current situation, as the world has a need formilitary personnel means that military families face more repeated, longer,battle deployments with little to no breaks between them. Jensen et.al (1996)findings show that child distress, depression and anxiety are related to aparent getting deployed to a war ridden area greater distresses are experiencedmore the longer the parent is away.

Transitions are very problematic forchildren who are going to school who are just starting to develop their socialnetworks or friends through their school and neighbourhood.             Even when there are supports toimprove the mental health of military personnel, they are mostly hesitant toseek the mental health services. Military personnel has concerns aboutconfidentiality, fear of appearing weak and negative impact to careeradvancements as most often the reasons on why they do not seek the mentalhealth services they need (Hall, 2016).             The main findings of mental healthconditions and Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI are related to the rate ofexposure to combat trauma and mental health conditions among veterans aresignificantly higher.

Army soldiers and Marines, reserve forces, dischargedsoldiers, veterans, enlisted personnel, women, and Hispanics are at higher riskfor the above mentioned conditions (Holdeman, 2015).             A considerable amount of reserahchas been made about Effects of military deployment on military personnel’smental health outcome but little research on the effects of deployment on amilitary family. Effects of military deployment has been studied thoroughlysaying that a military personnel coming back from deployment has a highprobability of getting a mental illnesses especially when he/she came back fromwar ridden assignments. But the public would only focus on the militarypersonnel who got deployed and not the military families who were also affectedon  a very personal and emotional leveldue to their spouse, fathers and mothers being deployed somewhere far away andhaving to be away from them for months even possibly years.             The question still remains how domilitary families addresses the mental effects of having someone in theirfamily being deployed somewhere far away? The researcher’s capstone projectsaims to promote and provide some solutions on how to solve these mental effectsthat are being experienced by military families.             Hence, additional studies of effectsof deployment on military families are needed to list down the possible mentaleffects of having the spouse, mother or father is away for long periods oftime.

Another reason why additional studies are needed is to list down how tosupport these families that experience these mental effects. Lastly, is toraise and promote awareness of these mental effects that military families gounder.             The aim of this capstone project isto study how deployment affects military families. The researchers looked intostudies and data from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and from the ArmedForces of the Philippines Medical Center. Another source of data for theresearchers was from the interviews that they conducted with military families.The other aim of this capstone project is to promote the mental health andwell-being of military personnel, veterans and their families. Promotion ofthis will be held through an exhibit that showcases the families and theirexperiences through photos, videos and objects.

            This paper proposes a formalprocedure for promoting mental health and well being of military personnel,veterans and their families. The capstone project is an exhibit that will beopen to the public that will consist of photos, videos and objects that relatesto the effects of military deployment. At present the said exhibit will be heldon February 12-14, 2018 inside the La Salle Green Hills campus. 

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