Warfare in Vietnam

The guerrilla tactics in Vietnam war and Iraq war have some differences and similarities, both countries in their own perspective attempts to stop the spread of an ideology that confuses the Americans.

The Similarities of Vietnam war and Iraq war are focused in far off lands on the edge of Asia in both cases, there is a balance of power which was why the Americans used dangerous substances that poisoned foreign civilians. Furthermore with US actions and involvement in both Vietnam and Iraq, it has caused the deaths of enormous numbers of innocent people.( Dumbrell & Ryan,2007, pg 240)

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Vietnam and Iraq seem to share the same ideology but different perspective. For instance the Vietnam War was justified due to the ‘domino theory’ which held that unless stopped communism would spread like falling dominoes. While the Iraq war justified its ideology based on the spread of extreme Islamist jihads. However, in both cases of the war they felt justified in acting to preserve freedom and the American way of life.( Kendall, 2006, pg, 207).

However, the nature of the Viet Cong’s military ammunitions was limited and not useful, but was made up based on their determination and the support by organising peasant .In Iraq the use of explosives was very useful and effective, but they had no air force or navy instead large number of civilians striked at their opponent.

In contrast there were some differences based on Iraq war and Vietnam .To begin with Vietnam in the 1960s was a country with a long national history and powerful national identity which was forged by centuries of fierce resistance to foreign rule and domination, while in contrast Iraq as a country is a relatively young state with ethnic and religious divisions that threatens national unity.( Rid, 2007, pg, 224)

Another differences of Iraq and Vietnam is its war aims based on political objectives. For instance the US were against the spread of communism as a means to preserve the non- communist status quo in south Vietnam, while in Iraq the US used their power to democratize Iraq and also to disarm Iraq of its suspected weapon of mass destruction and also on terrorism.( Dumbrell ; Ryan,2007, pg 230)

However, the role of allies is another difference in Vietnam and Iraq war . In 1965, the US did not bother to seek UN authorisation for intervention in Vietnam because of the certainty of a Soviet veto. While in 2003 during the Iraq war the US sought an authorization resolution but failed to even a majority among the UN security council membership. Although in both cases the rest of the world including key allies regarded US military intervention as illegitimate and wrong( Campell, 2007 pg, 136)


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