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Date of solid waste management the interview: …



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. (Day/Month/Year)No of the Questionnaire _____________________ Community: __________________________    Village: _______________________Interviewer: __________________________________Total time taken to conduct the interview: hours: ________ minutes: _________Number of times the Kano household were visited: ________Respondent Selection: We must to interact with member of the household between the ages of 18 and 74 years. Introduction“Hello.

My name is ________________________________ and I’m part of the research team from ……..



.conducting a questionnaire survey on waste management within the Kano. This questionnaire survey will, therefore, focuses on garbage and other public health issues that are related to the solid waste management. The purpose of this work is to get more information from the Kano residents like you about your concerns, current practices, and opinions. The study is scheduled to take about 10 minutes. Will you participate in the questionnaire research? You will not provide your name. As such you will not in any way be connected to the answers given.

The answers that you sincerely give to the questions will be an instrument in directing the Health Department in its effort to serve you, in light of this, you are, therefore, required to answer as accurately as possible. Thank you very much for your time. Let’s Start…

Section 1: The Natural Environment Definition

1. What do you as the resident of Kano understand by the term “natural environment”?(Interviewer: If the interviewee takes a long to provide an answer, then it is   right to assume that the person doesn’t   understand the word “environment” and as a result simply write“Doesn’t know” on the lines below, after which you as the interview is supposed to read the definition provided below. This particular definition will enable the respondents to answer the following four questions.

) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Correct Definition: The whole world around us: this includes things such as the air, water, and land, forests, wetlands, and the sea, and all animals and plants.2. Now that you have known what the natural environment is, are you as Kano resident concerned or not concerned about the current state of the natural environment in this area?

1  I am not concerned
2  I am concerned
3  I have no opinion

3. What can you say is the primary issue currently affecting Kano natural environment? (Pick one answer)

1 Cutting down trees 6 Factories
2 Sewage pollution from pits and toilets 7 automobile exhaust
3  Mining 8 Fishing
4 The individual person 9 Dangerous solid waste such chemicals, waste from factories around the area and  medical waste
5 Household garbage 10 Pesticides and herbicides used in farming around the  Kano area

 4. What are the other issues that concern you about Kano natural environment? (You are allowed to select as many as you like from the list provided above)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5.  According to you, how much effect do you think you have on the aspect of natural environment, could it be: no affect, some affect, a lot of affect, or no opinion?

1  I have some effect
2  I have no effect
3  I have no opinion
4  I have a lot of effect


Section 2: Household Solid Waste Management

6. Please here, you are kindly asked to explain how your household stores the garbage from your house.(Interviewer:  you are not allowed to avail the choices to the respondents.

Only selects that which fits their description.

1   Plastic bags
2   Pile in the yard
3  Open Container, please describe
4   Closed Container, please describe
5  Other, specify:
6  Don’t Know

 7.  Here you will be describing how your household usually gets rid of the following garbage from your house.(Interviewer: select from the choices provided below that best fits their description you   might include any additional comment

 GarbageType Burn Bury Dump Recycle Garbage Truck compost Reuse Other(Specify)
River/Gully In yard On road EHODumpsite
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Food trimming                      
Food  waste                      

Regarding Question 7: Kindly comment 7:________________________________________________________________________________________8. Are there any other ways of reducing garbage that your household must burn, dump, bury, or leave for the garbage truck?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Section 3: Concerns about solid waste management

In the  next  questions below, kindly  tell me whether you are:Concerned, have opinion or Not Concerned. Concerned No Opinion Not concerned
2 1 0
9.  In your views, how concerned are you about health risks that are related to the burning of garbage?      
10. Illegal dumps, streams, polluting rivers and wells?      

Diseases that are primarily connected to the improper storage and some of the disposal methods, like malaria and leptospirosis?

12. Your concern about flooding due to the aspect of garbage blocking drains and gullies?      
13 your concerns about the reduction of natural resources that are usually used to make the products: oil for plastic bottles and trees for paper)?      
 In the next five questions, kindly  tell  me whether you are:Concerned,  have  no opinion  or  Not Concerned, Concerned No opinion  Not concern
2 1 0
14. your concerns  about the service provided by the garbage truck in  Kano      
15. Your concern about litter in Kano?      
16. Your concern about illegal dumping in Kano?      

 Your concern about the presence of rats in Kano?

18.  Your concern about garbage in Kano?      

 19.  In personally views could you be having any suggestions that can be used in improving the managing of garbage in Kano area: ________________________________________________?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Section 4: Willingness to participate in reducing waste

To the following next  questions  kindly  answer with  either  with either:Yes, no, or don’t know. Yes No Don’t Know
2 1 0
20.  Have you heard about recycling      
21. Have you  heard about composting      

If, for instance, a recycling program was set up in this area such that collected materials like plastic, paper, metals, et.c., would you, in your personal views be willing to separate these into separate bags for purposes of the collection?

23.  Would you pay for pickup of these recycling materials from your household?      
24. Would you participate in a program that is intended to compost food and yard waste?      

If one pays you for every plastic bottle that you once returned to the grocery store, would you participate in a program that is intended to return the plastic bottles?

26. Would you purchase less throwaway products (like the plastic bottles) so that it can help reduce the amount of garbage you get rid of in your household, if there was an alternative product of the same cost was provided?      
27. Would you be interested in getting more information and data about how and what types of waste you can compost, reuse, and recycle in order to reduce the amount of waste product that you need to dispose of?      
28. If a skiff was Placed in your community, would you be comfortable to carry your garbage to it?      

Would you participate in building the skiff for your community?

30. Would you participate in the maintenance of this kind of skiff?      

Section 5: Solid Waste Management Attitude Scale

31. For the following statements below kindly tell me whether you agree, disagree, or you have no opinion.


No. Agree Disagree No opinion
I play a significant role in the management of garbage in this community. 1      
Environmental education should be taught in every school.

Correct garbage management should not be taught in schools. 3      
Other personal issues (such as crime, cost of living and unemployment.) are more important to me than a garbage-free community. 4      
 I think the constant collection of garbage could be the only solution to the garbage problem. 5      
Picking up garbage around my community is my responsibility as Kano resident. 6      
Public education about proper garbage management can be considered to be one way that can help in fixing the garbage crisis. 7      
 I view it important that the Kano municipality put recycling laws and programs in place.



Section 6: Environmental Health and Safety

32. What can you say to be the main source of drinking water for your household?

1  Water piped directly into house or yard (private tank) 5 Public standpipe
2 Water piped directly into house or yard (public supply 6 Rainwater (tank, drums)
3 Well 7 River, lake, spring, pond
4 Wayside tank 8 Other, specify:

33. Are disease vectors or breeding sites that could be present in your house   such as rodents and mosquitoes)?

Yes 1 No 2

34. How many rooms can you say to be in this house _______________________?45. Does your household grow any food for household consumption?

1  Animals
2 Fruits
3 Vegetable
4 Other
5 No

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