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Last updated: July 25, 2019

Watches are no more a necessary accessory that people need to be on time, wherever they go or whatever they do. Mobile phones gracefully substituted watches as a time information provider, and watches are now seen more as a fashion accessory or luxury to the wearer.  While AM:PM’s endearing collections of rare watches are what craved by every youngster, Time Machine Plus, an established watch seller is offering Star Wars Unisex Darth Vader Watch of AM:PM at an unbelievable price $ 80.00 with free shipping on Amazon store.   AM:PM Watches is a well-known watch brand that brings freshness in the appearance of watches with freedom, unending inspiration, vibrant colors, and varieties. This exclusive ‘Star Wars Unisex Darth Vader Watch Black Silicone Strap SP161-U383’ is an amazing addition to the Star Wars range.

Owing to the black smooth rubber strap and shiny round dial, it looks classy on the wrist of the bearer. Speaking of the brand, the seller mentioned, “AM:PM is freshness and freedom, limitless inspiration, forms and colors. It’s authenticity, enthusiasm, and curiosity. A temptation that’s hard to resist. AM:PM’s thought-out style is supported by quality components and workmanship, and all at highly competitive prices.”The most interesting thing about the watch is a large Darth Vader Logo engraved in the center of the dial with iconic slogans of Star Wars Dark Side. Apart from this, the unisex watch comes with Quartz movement and 20 mm one-piece dark black rubber strap.

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  The case size is 42 mm, and it is water-resistant which keeps it harmless from water splashes or any accidental fall into the water.  Every hallmarked watch of AM:PM is designed to give a go-getting attitude to the wearer. Likewise, this new unisex watch in the Star Wars zone will also offer something trendy to wear to the ladies and men for every occasion and let them bring some spark in their look. Being an officially licensed Disney Stars Product, the buyers can rest assured that the quality of the watch will be top-notch and will provide maximum satisfaction.

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