We about to present in front of the

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Last updated: March 23, 2019

We wereracing the sun, trying to get to school on time; I can see the fluffy whiteclouds floating and the sun rays poking around them.

I was excited to gather upwith my team to discuss our project that they were about to present in front ofthe judges and many fellow students.We had our project all sorted out, everyone had theirown part and we had two presenters. I had a good feeling about this project,especially that my team had the two best public speakers. We were going to win,I just knew it!I finally reached school, I rushed to go see my team mates,so we can start practicing before they go on stage.

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There she is, Sarah, I cansee her rushing from a distance. I wave continuously to get her attention, shehad a tight and worried look on her face. She finally notices me, lets a huge breathout and gets relieved. “Thank god I was worried that you wouldn’t make it aswell and we’d fail” Sarah said, while forcing the script into my hand. Itwas then that I realized; Yasmeen, the second presenter, couldn’t make it whichonly meant one thing. I HAD to present instead of her.

It was that moment when I found out that I will be theone presenting along with Sarah. At that same moment I couldn’t feel my legs,they were glued to the floor. My eyes opened wide and my mouth dropped.

Myeyebrows pushed close to one another to form an irritated vertical line betweenmy eyebrows and my heart was racing.I asked if she can present our project alone, but shesaid presenting it would require two people because we were going to perform adialogue type of explanation. I didn’t know what to do, I never performed onstage. Just the thought of preforming on stage in front of hundreds of peoplemade me feel nauseous.”Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to 2016’s project show”said the speaker. We were waiting backstage, I was nervously practicing my lines.

Our turn was up, while getting up on the stage, my legs were shaking, I had topull myself up. Sarah started introducing herself and she looked over at me, soI can introduce myself. I froze like an iceberg. I can see the audience whisperingto each other, I felt them judging me. I could hear my heart pounding as I feltmy sweaty nervous palms press against the cold mike.

Sarah looked over at me and whispered “it’s going tobe okay.” The determination overcame my fear, “My name is Maram Nasr and we’rehere to present our project…” and that was it, the words flew smoothly, and itwas over in a blink of an eye. The crowd stood and there was a tremendous burstof applause, I actually loved it! It made me feel surprisingly confident. Our project won first place, I felt on top of theworld that day. This experience made me more outgoing which is a point that I,as a shy girl, would’ve never expected to reach.


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