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Last updated: September 24, 2019

We werefruitful in accomplishing our point of highlighting the need to counteractobesity using various cultural perspectives. Majority of our audienceconsidered obesity unhealthy, unattractive and unacceptable, however we figuredout that Nauru, Nigeria and Mexico considered it healthful and appealing.Similarly as we explored various perspectives so came under impression thatculture altered the perspective of a person towards obesity.As werequested people to answer the questionnaire uploaded at the Facebook page welacked in receiving a massive range of perspectives and followers. As weinterviewed the youngster who confronted obesity, instead of we may haveinterviewed an expert in regard to obesity but we were deficient in sources. Wecould have created our animated video with better quality animations or insteadwe could converse with individuals related to different cultures and recordtheir opinions , but we were unable to put it into action due to lack ofresources and references, thus we utilized internet to discovered variousperspectives in regard to obesity. With respectto my contribution, I searched for the perspectives of various cultures aboutan obese individual, we as a group looked through a few articles, professionalperspectives, internet and we observed distinctive cultural films andcelebrities to affirm that what we had sought is reflected in it. For theanimated video, with my reference of a graphic designer we had a workshop andwe learnt how to make an animated video.

We as a group hunt down animatedcharacters on internet, mirroring the culture of the specific country. My groupmember framed and paraphrased the dialogues and I recorded it in my voice andadded it in the background of the video. We added animations in our video and weall invested our strengths to add the liveliness in the video and make it afruitful outcome. I helped my group members in requesting my fellows in schoolto fill the survey. One of our member made a Facebook page where we uploaded aquestionnaire, I requested several people to join our page and poll for thequestions uploaded. We likewise distributed pamphlets which were customized byme in order to invite individuals to our page.

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Alongside my group, I compiledthe results of the Facebook page and survey and ordered it in the form of a piechart. Interviewing a teen who was once obese was the idea presented by me, andwith my group member reference I interviewed him in regards to his point ofview towards obesity. I additionally took part in video altering and compilingof our outcome. I was the person who was calm in the group. My leadershipqualities, relentless nature, punctuality and time administration aptitudeshelped us to produce our outcome successfully as per our due date andviewpoint. We divided and planned our work effectively. Without me our groupcannot accomplish our objective as my part was exceptionally helpful because ofmy attitude to finish something that I have begun.

As working in a group youhave to consider everyone’s view so I surely ought to have recommended at thebeginning of the project to set up together a more explained draft of who isdoing what and when.As a groupwe communicated well, through a Whatsapp group and via the meetings arranged inthe school. We had a peaceful and organized team who were successful infulfilling their targets. One of our group member was a sense of impatience andtension who kept on alarming us for our deadlines. Despite this our group wasvery active and responsive as we completed our tasks in the timeframe set byus. Working in agroup was extremely advantageous as everyone with different ideas and skillscooperated and delivered a productive and better quality result in expectedtime. As more individuals join the group we have more opinions which help us tocreate something unique and incredible.

Teamwork is more efficient and reliableas it likewise gives an opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts andsuggest proposals. This paved the way for new strategies in how to finish ourtasks, working in a group helps in better correspondence and project winds upsmoothly. However when wide variety of people with various ideas cooperates sodisagreement is prominent, thus when making decisions in a group so we have toconsider everyone’s view, that makes it time consuming.Over thecourse of this project, I gained knowledge about different new ideas andcultural perspectives regarding obesity. I considered heftiness as unattractiveand unhealthy but I noticed that Mexico, Nauru and Nigeria thought about it asan indication of being elite, glamorous and attractive. I was somewhat relaxedthat I being slightly obese will be viewed as healthy and alluring under thesecultures.

However America, Russia, China and Japan considered obesity asundesirable and unhealthy. As living in Pakistan I found out that obese youngladies are viewed as unappealing as they have less chances of finding areasonable spouse. Working in a group offered me to learn various skills, ithelped me to polish my abilities and it influenced my perspective. I enhancedmy leadership qualities and time management aptitudes. As a group member Iproved to be a strength as I attempted to finish my errand on time and I wasgood at planning and computer skills. I was somewhat languid in the beginningbut running short of time gave me a kick start.

Foremost this project wasextremely gainful and what I have learnt, I will implement in my futureventures.

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