We of internet packages, middle-class and upper-middle-class groups

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Last updated: May 30, 2019

We consider that accessibility of social media includes government initiatives such as the establishment of community centers and people’s engagement in democracy and opinion.whether Indians easy access to national news and public announcements.  In an attempt to improve the media accessibility and coverage nationwide, the Indian government initiated a project to establish community centers. As of 2014, there were 189 community centers, The community centers have facilities such as internet connection, fax and photocopy machines, and passport photo and telephone services. However, many of the community centers are being underutilized as per the people and also the media reports. we find that 58.33% of the people use the community centers occasionally. The percentage of men using community centers is lower, with females using the community centers 3.

48% more than men. However, through questioning the community center coordinators in remote areas, it was found that they are being effectively utilized especially for photocopying, taking passport pictures, and browsing the internet in such areas. However, in urban areas, people hardly utilize the community centers. respondents reported that such facilities should be situated in better locations, have more functional machines and capable operators, and that greater awareness of such facilities should be promoted. AffordabilityWith the increased affordability of internet packages, middle-class and upper-middle-class groups working in the IT sector were the earliest to embrace WhatsApp with a 3G connection.

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Thus affordability, coupled with functionalities such as text, visual and voice communication, plus the ability to scale communication from individuals to groups,made WhatsApp an evident close second to Facebook, as it seemed more eco nomically viable and decreased the cost of communicating with one’s social circles in the long term. This growth was not isolated, however, as it occurred at the same time that the smartphone market in India was taking shape. Such an expansion in the smartphone market also meant the rise of cheap and affordable smartphones. the growth of India into one of WhatsApp’s biggest user base , was certainly connected to the parallel growth of the smartphone market.WhatsApp fell between Facebook and texting on the phone.

For them the platform offered the intimacy of personal, one-to-one communication while at the same time offering possibilities for communicating with groups that shared similar interests.When it came to group communication, where users were a part of a bigger interest group, they perceived the others in the group as acquaintances and connections that shared a similar interest, rather than as strangers. On the other hand Facebook was not considered as intimate as WhatsApp, since it still offered the option of friending complete strangers with no common interests. Twitter was not associated with intimacy, and continued to be seen as a public plat form, where communication was with a faceless wider world. Further, though a majority of users felt that WhatsApp was much more addic tive than Facebook, none wanted to move away from it.However, WhatsApp was still used on phones – and for young women the use of phones, as discussed earlier, was restricted, due to fear of romance and related caste transgressions.facts 

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