We rooms, critical areas, changing rooms, rooms, etc.•

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Last updated: September 14, 2019

We have a large team of exceptionally qualified professionals to carry out cleaning work for companies and individuals in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, and Álava, general cleanings in Cantabria, Asturias, León, Pamplona, Logroño, and Burgos.Also, we focus on comprehensive cleaning of facilities, cleaning of homes and residential areas, both promptly and maintenance cleaning.We offer general cleaning services with the highest quality: •    Removal of dust from any surface by powerful vacuum cleaners.

•    Manual scrubbing and machining. Elimination of dirt residues using chemical products and proper procedure.•    Waste sweep, manual or with the sweeper.

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•    Final cleaning.•    Cleaning of houses, flats to companies or individuals.•    Cleaning of interiors of buildings.•    Garage cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming and scrubbing.•    Mechanical scrubbing of large surfaces, using scrubber-vacuum cleaners.We advise you without compromise, offering you the adequate solution according to your needs.

How can we help you?Maintenance CleaningBuilding maintenance:•    Companies:Cleaning of furniture, services, litter bins, ashtrays, etc.•    Factories:Warehouse floors, machinery, changing rooms, etc.•    Hospitals:Operating rooms, critical areas, changing rooms, rooms, etc.•    Schools:Classrooms, services, changing rooms, rooms, etc.•    Offices:Cleaning of offices, screens, furniture, offices, toilets, etc.•    Garages:Vacuuming, sweeping, industrial scrubbing, etc.•    Workshops:Scrubbing floors with degreaser and specific machinery, etc.

•    Shops :Cleaning of stores, shelves, exhibition furniture, cleaning with ecological cleaning products.Industrial Cleaning•    Specialized cleanings of work.•    Last generation natural cleaning, preserving the environment.

•    Innovative hygiene systems.•    Management and advice in the maintenance of the industry.•    Latest technology in cleaning methods.What are some of the reasons that differentiate us in the industrial cleaning sector? If Clean Abandon continues to be established as an unbeatable option when hiring this type of services with a company is because we remain attentive to all the needs of our customers and we have the necessary resources to meet them.We thus develop a broad and versatile work that, however, is characterized by its attention to detail and overall effectiveness. An unavoidable aspect of our activity as a company is the environmental commitment so that by counting on us you will know that you are contributing to reducing the impact on the environment that entails the tasks that you need.Our efforts for the permanent improvement in the cleanliness of the company and the optimum daily fulfillment of the responsibilities have been rewarded with the obtaining of different certificates of quality and even of critical sectoral recognitions, like the one that we received in 2010 from our sector in the area of Bizkaia.

Authentic specialists in industrial cleaningIt is worth remarking that we do not limit ourselves to perform demanding tasks admittedly, but that we are also a company open to contact with the client, something that is demonstrated in the advice we give to our clients when determining the best ways to deal with any challenge in the field of cleaning, whether it is cleaning the offices in Bilbao  or any other type of facility in the different cities in which we are present.In the multiple surfaces on which we work – without forgetting the cleaning of carpets and carpets – we are characterized by the search for innovative technology and the capacity to respond daily with the most significant efficiency to those conditions that have been indicated to us. That is why we have gained popularity also in other locations in the north of the peninsula.

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