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Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: WEB SEARCH #3 Chapter 9 Question 1 The intermodal services offered in the BNSF website are diverse and these intermodal services are subjected to change without prior notification. The BNSF provides diverse service levels such as expedited service level, premium service level and empty service level, which involves movement of empty equipments. The services offered include shipper loading, shipper security, suppliers of goods, shipper unloading and cleaning and many others. Question 2 The two highly rated carriers are Cable Company VoIP and Vonage, which is one of the popular VoLP services. The two poorly rated carriers are Ooma, which is less expensive than Vonage and voice calls from Gmail. Chapter 10 Question 1 There are several issues found in the website of the call center magazine. These include employment management issues, sales force news, and centre and customer service as well as technology news. The magazine covers issues for process and management performance, networking events, publications, management tools, training program issues and provides best industrial practices.

Question 2 There are diverse Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems. One of them is free open source CRM that can be downloaded from the computer. This provides features of what one wants or does not want. Another CRM is free CRM software system.

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The CRM software system can be found in many websites such as FreeCRM.com, SalesForce.com and SassLight.com. It is easier to determine what is free and what is not because Free CRM provides free customer services. It provides Free CRM speeds sales and it helps in making work easier for customers.

Chapter 11 Question 1 There are four key factors used in the world competitiveness rankings. These include the economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure. The following includes pros and cons of locating business in Australia, Japan and Republic of China (Taiwan), which are among the countries in Asian Pacific region.

First, the country is a leading center for innovation and it attracts many investors because of attractive business and living environment. Moreover, Japan is the largest economy in the globe that attracts global attention because of its soft power. It has a huge market and manufactures innovative products and it plays an essential role as a bridging nation. On the other hand, locating business in Japan is disadvantageous in that they have unique values, culture and customs. They poses the most probable cross-cultural misunderstandings thus locating business there will hinder better performance of business. Secondly, locating business in Republic of China (Taiwan) has some advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages for locating business in China are due to mass market and product line that contributes to competitiveness in the existing market. Moreover, favorable government policies in China will favor successful business. The perceived advantage of low cost labor in some parts contributes to location of manufacturing industries in China. Better incentives provided by Chinese agencies as well as sophisticated Chinese research influences location of business in China. However, some advantages such as different cultural and language will make it difficult to pass the information across.

High costs of intellectual properties, brand risks, variable quality control, energy shortages as well as other operational problems may hinder better performance of business. Lastly, there are diverse advantages of locating business in Australia. The federal and state law provides freedom and better governmental services thus contributing to successful business in the region.

The area is well known as a multicultural society but the national language used is English thus will favor investors who may be wiling to carry out business in Australia. Additionally, trade agreements have displaced many barriers for free flowing of goods and service in and out of the country. Nevertheless, there is need to understand the legislative differences because the Australia government does not offer single integrated market thus a disadvantage of locating business in the country. Question 2 The factors used in global competitiveness report include economic performance, infrastructure, government efficiency and business efficiency. The following provides pros and cons report for three countries in South America such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile. First, the disadvantages of locating business in Argentina is that heavy taxes imposed on commodities and there are many companies and inflation is so high thus the business will not produce better results. However, the advantage is that Argentina is a country with vibrant, rich cultural influence and the economy has continued to expand. It is an ideal location for industries and professional in expanding business.

Secondly, locating business in Brazil is advantageous because they have a deeper understanding of diverse culture that may affect business. Doing business in Brazil is vital because people have deeper appreciation of culture and have strategies vital for developing sustainable competitive advantages in business sector. Locating business in Brazil is disadvantageous because the state requires compliance with the federal as well as local government laws and regulations making the business difficult. Lastly, locating business in Chile will necessitate one to prepare in understanding business culture, business etiquette as well as meeting the business protocol for one to succeed in business.

This makes it difficult for one to locate business due to unfavorable government policies. However, locating business in Chile is advantageous because of its strong ties with rapid economic development in the region. Moreover, the country has well developed infrastructure vital for successful business performance. Question 3 There are diverse developments that led to China’s entry into World Trade Organization (WTO). First, China’s success and widespread as well as its economic reform made to enter into WTO.

Additionally, better banking systems especially from European banks and other foreign banks as well as improved securities made China to improve in economic development, which gave them an entry into the WTO. Trading rights and liberalization of state trading monopolies made it to improve aces for industrial and agricultural commodities was a key factor for its accession into the WTO. The impact of China’s accession into WTO on U.S companies is that the U.

S companies were limited in doing business with China because of restrictions of rights to engage in trade activities. China restricted companies from distributing imported commodities especially the agricultural products. This impacted China’s accession into WTO on U.S companies thus China agreed to apply for uniform tariffs in both domestic and foreign business. Elimination of absolute quotas on imports was made and tariff rate quotas were introduced on sensitive agricultural commodities. Question 4 Chapter 12 Question 1 Entertainment consists of activities which makes people to get amuses during leisure time. Activities such as sports, watching movies, cinemas and social dance create amusement. Entertainment is related to edutainment because they both aim to amuse people and make them to enjoy themselves.

Edutainment is a form of entertainment, which was designed to educate and create amusement. This term has been used for many years and it is expressed in form of parables that promoted social change. The modern forms of edutainment include museum exhibitions, film and entertainment in the computer software while incorporating educational content. Question 2 Franchise is an agreement of made between two parties thus giving an individual the rights of marketing the products. The new Franchise concepts are numerous and they include pizza fusion, lice squad, discount sport nutrition, Flicko’s video workshop, parker finch management, Business Advisors International (BAI) and many others.

These are among the several franchise concepts that was nominated n April 2007 as the top new franchise from enthusiastic franchisees, vendors and other franchise owners as well as customers. WEB SEARCH #4 Chapter 13 Question 1 The recent report was released in October 5, 2011 during the ISM annual International Supply Management Conference. The report provides regional report information for the month September 2011 and it is a bout non-manufacturing business report. The finds for the conference proceedings reveals the way nine of non-manufacturing industries performed better in the month of September. The report indicates basing on the non-manufacturing industries composite index, which are listed in order, the industries, are performing better.

The respondents suggest that there is confidence all in Market places in North America, which appear to be improving in business, sector especially mining. This is because the business activity is growing at a faster rate contributing to employment contraction. The prices for commodities are increasing although at a slower pace and the inventory sentiment is too high revealing a faster rate of change. Question 2 The department of web sites provides several supply chain security with best practices in the international supply chain.

They provide best practices icoporatesd with a system of checks and balances, accountability as well as reliability verification through each supply chain of commodities in order to prevent theft and protect assets. The security programs are provided to reduce risks associated in any internationally supply chain. Nevertheless, risk assessments on different firms are analyzed since risk analysis vital in focusing resources and prioritizing action items. In case the supply chains for various firms are complex, risk analysis become more extensive thus, organization expertise and risk models are employed. Additionally, senior management support determines in case the appropriate resources should be allocated towards improving the supply chain security. Thus, managerial practices are employed in order to ensure better management practices across the supply chain are achieved.

Chapter 14 Question 1 The labor productivity is measured in terms of workforce done, hours worked and number of people in an employment. The report on the labor and total productivity for the U.S reveals that the average hourly earnings keeps on increasing especially in September 2011 creating a slight change of 0.8 percent of total finished goods . The U.S August 2007 crisis triggered a crisis on international banks and this affected the labor and total productivity.

This is because unemployment resulted creating a decrease in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). On the other hand, the labor and total productivity trend for countries such as Europe, Russia and other countries tends to weaken in advanced economies. The labor force for countries such as Indiana , Alabama and Hawaii started increased and after reaching the peak, labor force started decreasing drastically thus affecting the GDP level. Thus, US stack up because the workforce is radically changing and the demands for creating transition on education to the workforces continue to rise. This makes it difficult fro US economy to achieve substantial inequities thought the country. Question 2 The present utilization for U.

S manufactures has the larges output than other countries such as Germany, Japan or France. Over the past ten years, employees in the manufacturing sector experienced substantial job losses. For instance, in 2000, the number for employment in manufacturing sector was 5.2 million but it increased to 14.3 million in 2004. The employment trend keeps on changing and in 2009, the number of labors working in manufacturing sector decreased because of increased use of technology which replaces human labor resulting to high unemployment and loss of jobs in United States. Question 3 The performance measures used in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company are diverse. First, the company uses hard data on employee as well as engages customers in creating the image of the company and ambience thus driving measurable results.

They collect data on things that are wrong in uses the data in analyzing on what is supposed to be done to create change and improvement. They employ diverse business models and use factors such as community involvement, mystique, customer engagement and employee engagement as the key factors for better performance of the company.

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