Were the artists of these two posters for or against Prohibition

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Last updated: November 13, 2019

The two posters in question are focusing on the reasons why alcohol has been banned in some states later leading to the national campaign for prohibition. Both posters have similarities and differences and the only way to correctly answer the question is by comparing and contrasting the different features of the posters. Both posters were published before WW1, before the constitution of the 18th Amendment. This proves that they are both primary sources.This means that they were both published at a time where it was possible that the publishers were pressure groups that were for prohibition or could have been influenced by pressure groups or propaganda from the government who were also for prohibition. Parties who were for prohibition wrote both of the sources.

Both sources show their objections of alcohol through the moral argument. Source C concentrates on the economic argument. I can see this because the source shows a large picture of how a husband is wasting his weekly wages by spending all of it on alcohol.

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Source C also shows objections of alcohol through a moral argument, a quote that firmly exhibits it is. ‘The poor man’s club. The most expensive club to belong to’.

This quote exhibits the husband’s asinine drive to exhaust his precious weekly wages on alcohol, which pales in comparison to his family, who are starving at home and in desperate need of money for food. This husband is clearly addicted to alcohol created by the saloons if he is willing to sacrifice his family’s well-needed food for his alcoholic addiction.This demonstrates how the artist of the poster is against Prohibition because he or she is trying to disgrace husbands who partake in drinking alcohol. Source D focuses on the moral argument in order to explain why alcohol should be banned. In the picture the mother is saying to the child that the father is spending his weekly wages by quenching his alcoholic addiction instead of providing them with necessities such as shoes, stockings and food. This poster was obviously written for Prohibition it is showing how the alcohol is put before a well more deserving cause which is the family.Among the similarities between the sources there are also evident differences.

For example source c displays the saloon life very clearly because it shows a man buying alcoholic drinks with his weekly wages and it also shows men sitting down and drinking. Unlike source d which reveals the family problems, it shows the mother and child looking into the saloon knowing that their husband and father is in there wasting money on alcohol rather than correctly spending it on them. Another difference between the two sources is source C was written by the anti saloon league and source D was written by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.The purpose of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union was to combat the influence of alcohol on families and society. The Anti Saloon league lobbied at all levels of government for legislation to prohibit the manufacture of alcohol. After having compared and contrasted both sources. I have come to the conclusion that among the similarities and differences between them ultimately both of the artists are for Prohibition.

I believe the main reason for this is because both of the artists are members of pressure groups for prohibition.

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