Werescipe means the value of expressing God

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This can be done in music.

Instruments and singing can help us reflect God and restore peace to improve our relationship with God. Music that is peaceful and heavenly are to be like messages. Greek and Hebrew words for angel are Angelos and malakh. These mean messenger so when carvings of angels are portrayed to look like they are singing, they go with choir singing and hymns.

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As choir singing is soft and holy it seems as if the echoing voices are the angels singing. So we can immediately associate that singing is like singing our messages of praise to God. So that is why you may often see pictures or stone carvings of angels in churches. This often shoes how art is used in playing the role of worship.As Angels are seen to carry messages and prayers to God, music can portray heaven as that where God is. Therefore it makes people feel heavenly and experience it when they hear hymns.

Singing voices can echo around church stone walls and dome like shapes, again making the atmosphere feel out of this world and heavenly.Music has the ability to depict your mood and express your emotions. As it is part of Christianity it has culture making you feel more involved with worship.As part of worship, singing and playing instruments can help us remember stories of God and Jesus. These can teach us how to act in God’s eyes and about the stories in the bible.However not all denominations of Christianity use music or think it is appropriate to worship. Quakers for example have small gatherings where they see the time to be silent and reflect about God.

They think that if you are distracted by art or music you cannot be concentrating on God. This is a way of meditating which is similar when you do use music. A Roman Catholic church use very soft and melo organ music to accompany them in worship. This is different from Evangelical and Charismatic denominations who use very upbeat music to accompany services.

These churches are very modern compare to most as this is family based music.Art can play an even bigger part in worship. It is, like music, used very differently in different denominations.In Roman Catholic churches, they are very elaborately designed with rich decorations.

Different denominations may picture Jesus and the Cross-differently. Here the show him with the crucifixes. This remembers when he died for us. Whereas the Church of England shows just the cross so we remember he rose again. So they have different styles. Then there is the Quaker denomination that does not use art either as well as music because it distracts the worshipper.Art can display the stories told and preached to worshippers and believers of Christianity. Art glorifies God; colours and pictures show god’s creations of what he has to be proud off.

They help you focus on life. Pictures are also a benefit as they make the stories of God and Jesus easier to take in and understand.The ‘Light of the World’ uses the text ‘Behold I stand at the door and knock.’ The symbolism is this: The weeds represent sins of the world. As there is no handle to the door it shows free will and that it is up to you to be good. Also Christ is the main person with a crown of thorns representing death and the resurrection.

Art can show different things:* The Virgin Mary is pictures wearing a Royal Blue as this is an expensive dye and shows her importance. This can also be shown when she has a halo or crown as well as her goodness and purity such like an angel.* Stained Glass windows are extremely common as they emit glorious colours. These are unusual and so make you feel as if you are experiencing God and heaven.* Sculptures with art in worship.

The Pulpit is a good example as it shows the importance of the scriptures and is part of worship.* Icons – these are pictures of famous saints and help us remember what they have done for us and how we should act.* Also Colours. For different occasions or times of the year, there is a different robe with different colours.

This helps us remember the important times of worship.Finally, I think that the most important part in Christian worship is that they can help people who aren’t as fortunate as others. Blind people can appreciate God’s creation with music and Deaf with pictures. It enlightens their life so they do not miss out.In Conclusion, Art and Music play a vital part in worship, unless you are distracted. You should always keep focused on what is important. I think that it can personally heal you and calm you from the stress of everyday life.

Christians go to church to demonstrate their commitment to god. Regular attendance every Sunday shows your dedication to your religion and to god. Therefore it shows your love is powerful enough to give up a Sunday every week.

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