Western Civ Chapter 16

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“Rebirth”period beginning in 1300scholars, artists, writers revived and added to traditions of Greco-Roman past

from Latin HumanitasRen scholars called themselves thisseekers of human excellencestudy Latin and Greek Works

idea from Italian humanists of human excellence

creating 3d on a flat surface, Ren artists did this using exact geometrical rules

“Attempt” in French, meaning quick discussion of subject

doubting and inquiring attitude, from Greek word for inquiry

Globe Theater
theater in London where people paid to see Shakespeare’s plays

APpeal of humanism
Popes, kings, nobles, bankers, bishops, city state depots admired achievement of elite of Greece and RomeMiddle class had time to study, felt “human excellence” put them on same level as others

Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Renaissance artist that painted The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, he was also an engineer, architect, sculptor, and scientist., Italian artist whose paintings were characterised by freshness and realism. Learned about the human body by dissecting corpses.

Painted ideal for female beauty in The Birth of VenusPlatonist

poetpioneer of humanist revival He believed the first two centuries of the Roman Empire to represent the peak in the development of human civilization.

painter, sculptor, poet, engineer, and architect mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel sculpture of the David

architect sculptorrevived building traditions of ancient Romedeveloped geometrical rules of perspective

artistinventorsymbol of Ren ideal

pioneering artist of early Ren

influential French essayist and skepticresigned his office in the midst of the wars of religion to write about the need for tolerance.Catholic who emphasized skepticism and tolerance in religion and race.

popular satirist, works were condemned by authorities, France’s most popular Renaissance author. Rejected Middle Age’s focus on the afterlife believed people should enjoy life to the fullest

-introduces humanism to literature and playsEnglish Playwright

author of In Praise of Folly and corrected version of New TestamentDutch Humanist friend of Sir Thomas More.

Believed problems in the Catholic Church could be fixed; did not suport the idea of a Reformation.

Marsilio Ficino,
reviver and adapter of the thought of Plato

Cristoforo Landino,
writer on the much-discussed theme of the life of action versus the life ofcontemplation;

Angelo Poliziano,
scholar and poet in Greek, Latin, and Italian;

Demetrius Chalcondylas,
responsible for the first printed edition of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.

The Humanist movement
focused on classical Greek and Roman writing and philosophy as the channels to promote human excellence

Italian humanists
revered the classical authors but tried to reconcile their views with Christian principlesLove classical authors but apply knowledge to Christianity

Northern humanists
revered the writings of the early Church fathers

The Triumph of Fame
Florentine painter GiovanniLo Scheggia depicts Fame as living ancient Roman statue, greeted byhorsemen in war gear as trumpets sound fanfares in all directions.scene appears on a birth tray—a souvenir tray presented by the father to the mother of the newborn Lorenzo de’ Medici symbolizes his parents’ Ren hope that he will gain fame

Humanism began in
the fourteenth century when Italy was broken by plague and war

The Florentine Petrarch
pioneer of the humanist movementedicated to the works of Cicerobegan the search for classical manuscripts, which others took up

Roman orator and statesmen

one of Petrarch’s followers and not only discovered the writings of the Roman historian Tacitus, but learned Greek and the led the movement to uncover classical Greek manuscripts

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