Western Civ

Dark Age
Those Greeks who were able to immaculate wealth during the _____ eventually emerged as the Greek aristocracy

Hospitality & Gift Giving
Homer’s poetry describes a world in which warrior aristocrats reinforce social ties through ________

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Excessive pride, which was punished by the gods

Phoenician Alphabet
The Greeks became literate again during the 9th century B.C.E. by adopting the ______

Anatolia (present-day Turkey) and Italy
By the sixth century B.C.E.

Greeks found numerous colonies around the Mediterranean basin. The most historically significant colonies were in ______

Since every polis needed ______ the men who took part began to demand a role in politics

Archaic Age Greek aristocrats
In the symposium, ________ enjoyed wine and listened to poetry

A Greek aristocrat who seized power and ruled outside the traditional constitutional framework was called a ____

Democracy originated in Greece from the idea of the _____, which literally means neighborhood

____ is important in the history of Athenian government because he championed the cause of the demos and took steps to limit the power of the aristocracy.

The first historian of the Western world was ____

Persian Wars
The ___ were begun by a revolt instigated by the Ionian Greeks against the Persians

During the second Persian War, _____ persuaded his fellow Athenians to abandon the city of Athens and let the Persians burn it

Peloponnesian War
According to the historian Thucydides, the _____ began because of the growing power of Athens, and the fear and envy it inspired in Sparta

____ imposed oligarchy as a form of government by the defeated Athenians and their allies

Socrates’ most important pupil was ___

Alexander the Great
____ is said to have taken two books with him on his conquest of Persia; one was Homer’s Illiad and the other was Xenophon’s Anabasis

The Theban Sacred Band
The _____ was an elite military unit composed entirely of male couples.

Whereas Plato conceived of politics as a means toward living the good life, Aristole regarded politics an end in itself

Rediscover their lost unity by an invasion of Persia
The 4th century B.

C.E. in Greece witnessed a confused political terrain, with many attempting to discover a direction for the Greeks; among these was Isocrates, who believed that Greeks could ___

Macedonian army
Philip II of Macedon’s early success had much to do with his reorganization of the _____

League of Corinth
The ultimate aim of the _____ was to invade Persia.

The Political and Military alliance by which the Macedonians united ____ under their own rule was known as the League of Corinth

“Son of Ammon”
Alexander was aided in his conquest of Egypt by being proclaimed as the ____ by the sun god’s oracle

All of the male rulers of Macedonian Egypt the name _____

To highlight their authority and status in the former Persian Empire, ____ rulers used terms in proclamation reminiscent of earlier Mesopotamian rulers

18th century
With the expansion of population in the Hellenistic urban centers, Middle and Near Eastern cities reached population levels that Europe would not reach until the ___

The ____ believed that the cosmos is an ordered whole in which all contradictions are resolved of the ultimate good

Revolved around the sun
Aristarchus of Samos was unusual among Hellenistic astronomers because he believed that the earth ____

Hellenistic Period
Scientific development during the ____ was of such a degree that the era may be compared favorable to the seventeeth-century scientific revolution.

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