Western Civilization – History 101 – Ch. 3 Quiz

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Stoicism -Septuagint – Epicureanism – And many more…
-the philosophy that people should not be emotionally attached to external things-an influential document in which the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek-the philosophy that happiness come from seeking pleasure while avoiding pain

A good example of a Hellenistic royal city in both its planning and in its art is

Hellenistic ‘New Comedy’ plays generally contained
characters with individual concerns that reflected the realities of cosmopolitan life

Evidence suggests that during the Hellenistic period, as compared to he classical, Greek women
were freer from family authority and could work and earn money

Alexander’s love of Greek culture and literature seems to have come from his tutor

Alexander turned back from his quest for the end of the known world because
his Macedonian troops refused to go on

The period of ancient Greek history that began with Alexander’s conquest of Persia is called the
hellenistic period

The Rosetta Stone was important because it
was written in three scripts: Greek cursive Egyptian, and hieroglyphs, permitting the translation of the Egyptian language

The Hellenistic school of philosophy that advocated the rejection of the goods of this world in order to achieve happiness was that of the

Where did Alexander found and build the city that would later become the premier city of the Hellenistic world?

Which of the following policies did Alexander NOT follow in his imperial rule?
-founding many cities to spread Greek urban life throughout the empire-supporting intermarriage between Greeks and Asians ****-destroying all conquered cities to obliterate non-Greek culture****-recruiting Persian soldiers as part of the new combined army

A major difference between “classical” Greek art and the art of the Hellenistic era was
the tendency toward realistic rather that idealistic portrayal in sculpture

Which of the following was NOT characteristic of the mystery religions?
****-ceremonies were led by the civic leaders so the gods would protect the polis****-individual salvation and an afterlife were promised to the initiates-music, dance, and purification rituals led to a mystic union with the god/goddess-many mysteries involved sacred meals through which people became godlike by eating the flesh of the deity

The Hellenisti monarchs created a new economy in the eastern Mediterranean by
-standardizing the currency-spreading new agricultural practices and products -establishing royal monopolies in key industries to control production****-All these answers are correct****

The Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt
conducted their official business in Greek, while permitting traditional Egyptian culture to continue

Philip II dreamed of conquering Persia but did not do so because
he was assassinated under circumstances that have never been clearly explained

Hellenistic science
made important advances in mathematics and astronomy

Urban problems in the Hellenistic age included
-a lack of public safety-poor sanitation-a reliance on imported food supplies****-All these answers are correct****

Alexander’s legacy includes
-the blending of Greek and Asian cultures -the idea of a single great empire of many peoples ruled by one king-his political conquests, although in some regions these did not last long****-All these answers are correct****

In 323 B.C.E., Alexander died in Babylon
from alcohol abuse and fever

The Seleucid dynasty ruled
the Asian part of Alexander’s empire

The monument at Alexandria regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was
the lighthouse, or Pharos

Demosthenes opposed the expansion of Macedonia under Philip II because
Philip threatened the traditional freedom and self-government of the poleis

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