WH 17

What occupation were most peasants under the Tang Dynasty?
tenant farmers

What was the most important crop in China under the Tang and Song?

What was the name of the first capital?

Chinese sculpture and art were dominated by what?
Buddhism themes

Advances in farming took place during which dynasties?
tang and song dynasties

The Tang dynasty is said to have produced the finest examples of what Chinese art?

Scholar-officials had to pass exams based on the teachings of __________________

Under the Yuan Dynasty, how was the social order set up?
mongols, foreigners, people from northern china and on the bottom were people from southern china

When ______________ came to power, they reopened the Silk Road to trade.
the mongols

Describe Mongol rule in China.
kept dynasty in place, kept Song bureaucracy, suspended civil service exams, merit systems, scholar officials, created a new social order, honored some of the Chinese traditions, but Mongols were encouraged to stay separate from the Chinese people, welcomed foreigners

How did the Tang Dynasty strengthen the Chinese government?
by bringing back the bureaucracy

Under which dynasty did China see the most growth, both in population and size?
tang dynasty

Which crop contributed to the growth in population under the Tang and Song dynasties?

By whom was Buddhism found?
Siddhartha Guatama

Which product was a highly prized Chinese export made in China for centuries?

List 3 things that were highly valued throughout the Tang and Ming dynasties?
calligraphy, painting, and poetry

Describe one of the main ideas (regarding respect) that Confucius taught his students.

respect your parents (filial piety) and elders

What did the Song government base its merit system upon?
civil service exams, people were hired and promoted based in talents and skills

How did Kublai Khan capture the cities that had grown up along China’s many rivers and canals?
he built a fleet of ships and used them to capture the cities along the rivers

Describe the arts during the Tang dynasty.
Chinese arts experienced a golden age where artists produced fine works of pottery and poetry. Painting, music, and dance were also popular

How did the Chinese government change during the Tang dynasty?
before the tang dynasty emerged, China was divided into warring states. the Tang unified china and brought back the bureaucracy that divided the govt responsibilities among different departments, allowing for greater stability and control, this unification promoted peace and prosperity.

Why did trade prosper during the Tang and Song dynasties?
the govts of the Tang and Song constructed the Grand Canal which improved the transportation of goods and people.

They also introduced a money economy. The creation of paper money by the Song dynasty made the trade even more convenient.

Discuss the kinds of changes that occurred in China after the Yuan dynasty defeated the Song dynasty.
The Yuan dynasty (Mongols) kept the Chinese bureaucracy and many traditions of the Chinese court. the Yuan suspended the civil service exams and took power from the scholar officials, plus they lowered the social status of the Northern and Southern Chinese people

How did the Mongol conquest affect China’s economy?

How did Chinese inventions affect the rest of the world?

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