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 What are four social responsibility issues?As a society we have a lot of responsibility, the country, state, and world is depending in society. The four social responsibility issues are economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities. Economic responsibilities mean making an impact or achieve that we are useful and beneficial in order to create value for our stakeholders and contribute to a global and sustainable economy. This impact affects customers, suppliers, governments and society.

Profit can be described as a financial gain or the money produced when the difference between the quantity earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, and producing something. These responsibilities are the duty to maximize leader wealth. The most important responsibility of business is to be providing goods and services to society at an untestable cost.Legal responsibilities, another form, which means that the owner pays for them. Permits, taxes, licenses, and registration are some examples of legal responsibilities. The owner has the responsibility to make sure that the business has obtained all of the required licenses and that all the permits are under the law by the state.

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These responsibilities are the ones that need to be accomplished mandatorily by the laws of the state.Ethical responsibilities have to do with placing the owner doing the right thing because he thinks it is the right thing to do but not because is mandatory. Ethical responsibilities contain being friendly, paying what is fair, making sure that the people are getting what they deserve. Ethical means relating to moral principles and what is right and what the people deserve according to the law. Philanthropic responsibilities are responsibilities that go with what is simply required or what the company believes is right with the people that is working.

They involve effort to benefit society. Philanthropy means caring about the others and looking out for what the other need. This means making sure about the welfare of the others. Why are businesses concerned about nonrenewable resources?A nonrenewable resource is a resource of economic value that cannot be replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption.

All businesses use natural resources. Some resources, such as trees, water and sunlight, renew themselves. Other resources, such as oil, natural gas or minerals, do not. Businesses use these non-renewable resources in a variety of ways.Business are aware about nonrenewable resources because some of these are really important to their role in the business world. The nonrenewable energies are the ones that many times make business work correctly. Some of the resources which they work are very difficult to find and that takes money and time, also if that source is hard to find and not renewable the business is under a lot of pressure.

These resources however are in some cases vital in the field, and that is what makes the owner of a business being worried.Resources such as oil, coal, petroleum, natural gas, and rocks help a lot of the business to be able to do their respective work. one of the worries of the business, generally speaking, is the unnecessary waste of money that they are supposed to be making or gaining. Therefore, investing many economic resources trying to get these nonrenewable resources is not a perfect option to the business or the owner.

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