What are the chances of peace in Northern Ireland

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A) A big event in the loyalist history was William Of Orange and the battle of Boyne.

It all started in 1688 when England was ruled by a catholic, James II, when most of the people in England were Protestant and most of them distrusted him because he was catholic.English lords asked James II daughter Mary who was a Protestant husband William to rule instead of James II, James then went to France to see Louis XIV who intern gave him troops to fight against William, then in 1689 James went to Ireland to gather more Catholic troops and only Ulster held out against James and Londonderry particularly wouldn’t join him, so then James tried to attack Londonderry but wasn’t successful, for another 3 months after that a siege followed and many Protestants suffered, but because they suffered for what they believed they became heroes in the Protestant community, so all this began to anger William who took his troops over to Londonderry and defeated James at the battle of Boyne which is a river incidentally on the 12 July 1690, The Jacobites which were James’s supporters were also finally beaten in 1961, and The Treaty of Limerick was invented which meant that Catholics were not allowed to own property, to be educated, to own weapons or work in the law or government.After this William was seen as a hero as he saved the Protestants from the Catholics, a special party called the loyal Orange Order was formed to celebrate the win at the battle of Boyne, each year there are marches, which some go through a catholic area to remind Catholics that they were defeated, now reinforces view that protestants have every right to be in Ireland.

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For the Nationalists, this battle loss has meant they have been discriminated for hundreds of years due to the treaty of Limerick which has built up resentment that have carried on ever since.B) A Big event in the Nationalist history was the Easter rising which was in 1916 when Nationalists became concerned that their wish to be separated from England was being ignored because of World War 1. So on Monday the 25th of April the Irish Republic brotherhood and the citizen army took control of a lot of British government buildings in Dublin although the Rising only lasted five days, the Nationalists still had their views heard and 13 of the Nationalists leaders were executed including Padraig Pearse and those people were seen as heroes and will never be forgotten in the Catholic world, the English were outraged though by the Irish rebellion behaviour as they were in a bitter war against the Germans and that’s why they executed the catholic leaders.All this shaped Nationalists views Because Sinn Fein got more Support in the electrons and in 1991 set up their own government system the “Dail” in Dublin and ignored British instructions, and to this day there are still peace processes going on.Also today Murals have been painted in Remembrance with 1916 painted on them.Nationalists saw the Easter Rising as the start of independence in Ireland.The Easter Rising was exceptionally importance for the IRA, as they will see it more important then the more peaceful groups.Because the Easter Rising was a violent Nationalist they see it as a piece of their history whereas the more peaceful groups like the SDLP were more in to making peace then fighting for an independent Ireland.

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