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What is art? Art is a wide range of human activities. It’s a lot of perspective in the history that goes into art. Scientist say  art may have originated in africa many years ago.

The very first form of art was  founded in a cave in Africa before humans began to spread across the world. Some people say we can call art only the things approved to be so by an authority, but others bring forward a point  that art is a product of a relationship between creator and audience and that it has a lot to do with the intent of the creator. The discovery of art has had an enormous impact on the world. It expresses many different things such as: ways for people to express themselves, express feelings, past events, and imaginative skills. The discovery of art has provided people with a way to bring their thoughts and imagination together.

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For example, if a person has a skill of art it could take away pain, bring happiness, and escape the reality of life. Art has a tangible effect on the human mind. It enlightens the brain activity. It develops core skills, enhances your well-being. Studies show that, art reduces mental stress and signifies positive health. Art can make you more attentive, from thin lines to wide ranges, you have to be very careful. Art can help you see the world differently. The continued influence of art is also evident in education itself.

Art does not show people what to do, but unknowingly art can connect people to their body,senses and mind. It can make the whole wide world felt. This felt feeling art creates may spur action, thinking, and engagement. Art can change people’s outlook, it can show people different perceptions, it can provide people with felt ideas, and help gain knowledge. Art has drastically change the world since it was discovered.Art has opened up people’s eyes  to great injustice and inconsistencies throughout history. How did art change history? Well, art is the catalyst and also the method of recording for much of history.

We would not be able to understand and experience the social ramifications of political decisions made in past time periods without art . Art serves as a window to the way people felt during difficult times.For example, when people are feeling down , sad, or not up to par. people could put their emotions into their art tools, and begin to draw out and create art by the way they feel. Art has a great impact on child lives as well. For instance, say a child is being harassed or bullied at school, but is to afraid to speak up, they could draw out their feelings of how they feel or even drawout what happened in the situation when they were involved in an altercations.

Art has the power  to persuade people to do better things or how things people do to affect the world, which would most likely make plenty of people change their minds. There are many positive forms of art such as drawings,sculptures, and paintings, which helps displays people’s feelings to everyone. For example, the painting by “Bruno Amido, The Crying Boy,” was said to express  the lost the boy took when his house and family were burned completely to the ground. Art can speak louder than words sometime. What people would be afraid to say they could always talk talk through their art expressing the way they feel.

What does it mean to be an good artist? Well, I believe an good artist express their feelings to the point where the audience of the creator, would feel what the creator of the painting or drawing feels. Being an artist also means you reinterpret your experiences, personal pressures that were placed on you, your childhood, your current life you’re living, your success and failures, by bringing your imagination to life such as a reimagined form that can speak to other. Being an artist means to be persistent. Some people believe only people with talent can portray their feelings through art when trying to display them, but I highly disagree I believe anyone can express their feelings throughout art  because art is not just  something that only certain individuals can obtain and display. Art is for everyone , anyone can express the way they feel through art they can give their audience beautiful pieces of art also.

Good art enters the soul, appeals to the heart, and makes new ideas plausible.For example, my first experience transforming a powerful sensation to  art, was in Middle school in about the 8th grade. My first experience  was in black history month,so I decide to express my feelings and paint a painting on the suffrage movement to display my feeling of how suffrage movement made me feel. My painting displayed many hardships African Americans went through it also shows the discrimination between black and white people, it also includes the end of the suffrage movement with a pat of both races gathered together.

  It turns out people believe my painting to be a beautiful work of art.Art helps the society, it helps the people, and also helps people better express their feelings. Art can be used in a very positive way.

Art is a language through which we express our feelings. Art can express a lot but to our verbal language not quite very much. We use art to display our feeling to show to everyone . Art provides imagination , but the fantasise it creates it cannot be process or handle. Art is meant to express feelings but it is also meant to influence. Art is very influential because it affects the fundamentals sense of self. Art is often considered to be a respiratory of a worldwide collective memory. Even though, people can show their feelings throughout art it is not always positive.

Some people can display a certain darkness in their art. For Example, people who has a lot of bad tendencies would possibly have forms and examples of art which displays anger and frustration.Their painting or any other form of art would have a negative display, which could influence people in a negative way.

There is a negative and positive space when it comes to art. By, that being said I still believe art to be the greatest way to influence people worldwide and the best way to let people express their feelings, because not everyone on the planet involved in art is going to give off negative emotion throughout their artwork. They’re plenty people who will give positive emotions throughout their art as well which could help better influence people throughout the world.Art also provides a positive influence on the youth such as; giving the youth a way to express his or her selves.

It provides them with a way to display their feelings to others and gives them a chance to help influence others in a positive way.There are many forms of art  and various different types of styles you could use . There are also different materials you can use for artist tools. Most people or dictionaries define art as the use creative skill specialty in make things that are beautiful to look, but people cannot feel or create art by just a definition. It is said that art cannot be defined and that becoming a artist is more the having the talent or ability to draw or paint.

Art is an expression triggered by a person’s emotion.  A person with an untrained eye could just see a painting or drawing as it is,For example a plant or  tree, but artists would try to view the arts. Words cannot convey the feelings a person gives off when painting or drawing. When being a artist art comes from the soul which means from deep inside of one’s heart.

Art is completely about emotion and life. The complexity and the love a person put into the art tools to create something beautiful is very sensationtional. Art has drastically change the mankind for the better.

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