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In this coursework, I will explore what discipleship involves. I will start by introducing the disciples and discussing their calls and responses. I will then go on to write about their challenges. I will also be writing about the rewards they achieved and the sacrifices they made.

Last of all I will write about their jobs and duties.The names of disciples are Simon (Peter), Andrew, James, john, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew (Levi), Thomas, Simon the patriot, Judas, James son of Alphaeus and Thaddaeus.James, John, Peter, Andrew and Judas were the first disciples to be called by Jesus.Peter whose original name was Simon and Andrew’s call was, ‘come with me and I will teach you to catch people.’ he must have said this because they were fishermen and so instead of them catching fish he would teach them to catch people.

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Their response was swift; they left everything and followed him.Peter’s challenge was to apprehend that being a disciple was not about having power but to help and serve people. He should not interfere in Jesus work, ‘get behind me Satan’. If Jesus has to die he has to. Peter should have more courage and faith in Jesus. Andrew had a related challenge as peter. Peter’s and Andrew’s sacrifice was to give up everything he had. Peter’s reward was that he got to become the first Pope, and their reward was to get riches in heaven and to become saints.

James and john who are sons of Zebedee had the identical calling as peter and Andrew and their reaction was similar, although they were rich with excellent jobs. James and john had a similar challenge as peter and Andrew. They have to realise that they have taken the responsibility of serving others and not waiting for power and money. They have to die for their faith and belief. Their sacrifices were to leave all their riches and status. Their reward were the same as peter and john, they became saints in the end.

Matthew whose original name was Levi’s call was ‘follow me’ and he left everything and followed him. Matthew’s challenge was to live with people who hated him because he was an outcast. So he needed to have faith in Jesus and trust every decision He makes even if it is to live people who dislike him. He also had to give all his riches, well-off job and status in his own place. His sacrifices were to as I said before, to give up his riches, well-off job and status. His reward was similar to the other disciples, he became a saint.The rich man was asked to leave everything to the poor and follow Jesus.

He responded by walking away sadly because he was very rich and did not intend of giving up his money. He failed in his call and did not follow Jesus. His challenge was to give up his money and follow Jesus.

But he fails, he puts himself before others. He does not have enough faith in Jesus and he cares for his status. His sacrifice was to give up all his wealth to the poor and follow Jesus, but he failed his task.

The widow had a silent calling and she was called by faith and heart. She responded by giving up everything she had to charity. The widow’s challenge was to give up every thing that she had to live on. She believed that God would provide for her. Her sacrifice was to give up all that she had to the box. Her reward was to receive all the riches in heaven.Judas had the same calling as James, John, Peter and Andrew, he also responded in a same approach. Judas’s challenge was to have faith in Jesus and not betray him.

He should learn to love God more than money (worldly goods). He should not be tempted by the evil but follow on God’s path. His sacrifice was to leave everything.Joseph of Arimathea had a silent calling. He was also called by the heart or faith; he had to ask for Jesus’ body.

His challenge was not to care of what people think of him. He had to ask for Jesus’ body from pilot, if he had to look as a traitor in front of his people. He went on to become a disciple. His sacrifice was to give up his status within his people. His reward was that he could become a saint with riches in heaven.Blind bartimaeus received his call by faith; he followed Jesus on the road. His challenge was to walk on the same road as Jesus.

He had to suffer like Jesus did and he got new sight which signifies that he had a new life. He thought that he was in debt with Jesus and that he had to repay him by following him. His sacrifice was to follow Jesus on his way. Even though he received sight after a long time he still insists on going with Jesus than to enjoy his life. His reward was that he got to become a saint and that he received sight plus riches in heaven.

All the disciples’ jobs were to be Jesus’ friend. They had to preach drive demons out. They had to heal sick people by anointing them n the head with olive oil. He sent them out into 2 to preach and tell people about the Good News. They weren’t allowed to take any extra clothes or food. No money was allowed and they had to stay where ever they were invited and leave any where they weren’t. They had to be sandals and hold a stick.

They had to preach to the whole human race and speak in different languages. They had to right to baptise people and drive out demons. They had to do everything in Jesus’ name they would never be harmed even if they drank poison or picked up a snake.The job of the widow was to prove to people that whatever the rich people give to charity is nothing compared to the money she gave. It’s not the quantity but the quality.

The rich man’s job was to give up every thing for the poor but he failed his duty by turning away from Jesus and going his own way. This shows that it is difficult for people to give up their money to god but sometimes we just have to give in to temptation.There is a contrast between the rich man and the poor widow. The rich man does not give his money even though he is rich but the widow gives all that she’s got even though she is really poor.Joseph of Primate’s job was to get Jesus body from the Romans. Blind Bartimaeus job was to set an example to the people around him that even though he cannot see he still has faith in Jesus and that Jesus can heal anybody who has faith.

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