What Electronics in 1954. Characteristics of Automated Guided Vehicle

What are Automated Guiding Vehicles?Automated guided vehicles (AGV) are transportable robot-like machines that monitorsigns or wires on the ground, or uses vision, electromagnets, or lasers forrouting. They are used very often these days in manufacturing applications totransfer things in an industrial facility or warehouse. The first Automatedguided vehicle was made by Barrett Electronics in 1954. Characteristics of Automated Guided Vehicle ·       FullyAutomatedUsing anautomated vehicle, provides the advantage of route navigation by usingsoftware.

It helps to get the actual location of pick-up and delivery. AGV cancarry different type of item without the help of human power and reduce thechance of accidents. ·       Consistentand ReliableIt can do allmaterial handling with efficient and accurate way and more reliable thanhumans.

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By avoiding human errors, it helps to make more profit and speed.·       Flexible andDynamicAGV isadaptable to every operation. It can modify up to the requirements ofoperations, whether it carry light weight or heavy items. If manager need tomake any changes in operations, they can simply update the changes in softwareand the vehicle can easily navigate to take items and deposit that to the rightplace. ·       Productive we can connect the AGV with warehousemanagement system, it allows better control over the material handling and makehigh productivity. ·       Return oninvestmentAGVs aredesigned and hardwired to work 24/7 when coupled with organised warehouse thesemachines can deliver a high rate of return on investment.

The workers can use thesemachines as a facilitating tool to get their work done easily, reducing thework load make them more efficient.Benefitsof AGV·       Avoids Damage  The use ofAutomated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) will reduce the amount of damage in thewarehouse. The using of fork trucks in the warehouse may increase the chance ofdamages. The use of Automated Guided Vehicles eliminates the facility andequipment damage by the conventional fork trucks.   ·       ShippingAccuracy  Poor shippingaccuracy is linked to low level of customer satisfaction and it requires extracost for correcting errors. The Automated Guided Vehicles could help for thereduction in miss-shipments and product loss.

 ·       Safety The use of Automated Guided Vehicles provides moresafety. When the workers in the warehouse using fork truck it may leads toaccidents. The Automated Guided Vehicles eliminate the fork truck relatedaccidents. So, it ensures more safety in the warehouse.

 ·       AutomaticGuided Vehicles reduce Labour Costs.Automatic Guided vehicles would help in thereduction of labour costs by cutting down the existing employees who arerequired for moving of goods from one place to another in the warehouse. ·       AutomaticGuided Vehicles are less expensive than Fixed Automatic system. Fixed automation system would be expensive during theimplementation of system in the warehouse and it would affect the warehouseactivities during the implementation. Automatic Guided vehicle on the otherside, are inexpensive on implementation and it would not affect the day to dayactivities in the warehouse during the implementation process. ·       Improvesstorage efficiency Automatic Guided Vehicles would help in efficient storingof inventories in the warehouse by systematic and fast movement of inventoriesin the warehouse. Thus, system makes an efficient movement of goods in thewarehouse.

 How AGV benefits eBay:1.    The need to adjust any physical barriers manually is removed by using anAGV. Its univocal flexibility system eliminates the need to physically removebarriers. 2.    Its autonomous system allows routing vehicles built on real-timefeedback of the surrounding conditions with navigational adjustments. 3.

    They are setwith CAD-based software that finds the available routes automatically. 4.    They are alsoautomatically indicated as to where to pick or deposit a consignment. 5.

    They areoften guided by an eBay employee in the beginning, so that their paths can beupdated on the CAD system. 6.    Setting up an AGV is easy. They need no additional wiring. They onlything they need on their path are charging receptacles, which the eBayemployees put at convenient locations. 7.    These machines don’t need a routine battery change-up.

They are onlyrequired to be charged for 2 mins to give them 30 mins of working capacity thussaving time for eBay. 8.    They use of ultrasonic sensors and visual indicators, emergency stopbuttons, contact bumpers round the edge of the vehicle hence offering bestsafety in the working environment.

 Conclusion:  It is obvious that companies like eBayare noticing the long-term value in AGVs as an answer for automated materialtransport. The motives are simple. For most of it, AGVs offer a considerablereturn on investment (ROI), equally increasing protection.  

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