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What is Communication?Communication is the process of using message that contain information or news between the sender and the receiver in order to achieve mutual understanding. The word origin from Latin word “communicare” that implies sharing or conveying message. John Vivian also provide a definition, “exchange of ideas”, in 2002.

Generally, communication is a transmission of a message where participants not only exchange (encode, decode) information, news, ideas, and feeling but also create and share meaning.What is Mass Communication?Mass communication is a process of relaying and exchanging information or message through mass media to a large group of population and organizations at a point of time.What is Mass Media?Mass media is a means of communication that are intended to reach and influence large number of audience to deliver information in short period of time. Mass media is the easiest and widely used from centuries. The most common platforms for mass media are newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet. 5 FUNCTIONS OF MASS MEDIA FOR SOCIETYThe functions of mass media are:SurveillanceSurveillance refers to the constant flow of public information or news about events that occurs in the country and around the world.

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The surveillance function can be divided further into two main types which is warning or beware surveillance and instrumental surveillance.Warning or beware surveillance occurs when the media informs us about threats from climate changes, emitting volcanoes, depressed economic conditions, increasing inflation or military assault. These warning can be about immediate threats or chronic threats. While instrumental surveillance occurs when the information are helpful in regular day to day existence. Such as stock market prices, new products, recipes, news about films playing at the local theaters and more.InterpretationInterpretation function is closely related with the surveillance function. It could prevent undesirable consequences of communication. This function deals with the supply of information and facts as well as providing ultimate meaning and significance of events.

Therefore, audience is exposed to many points of view and gains added perspective on the event before making a decision.LinkageThe mass media are able to join diverse components of society that are not straightforwardly associated.  For instance, by broadcasting news of those suffered from the disease or natural disasters, media can help in collecting aids for the victims. Linkage also occurs when a group shares common interest are joined by the media.Transmission of Values/SocializationSocialization is a way an individual comes to adopt the behaviors and values of a group. We come to know how people live, act and what values are important after reading, watching or listening. The media show good examples which individuals endeavor to copy.

Thus, they teach us about people, demonstrate to us how they act and what is expected of them.EntertainmentThe importance of the entertainment function has grown as the people have got more leisure time. It provides amusement and helps to reduce stress and tension. These days, media have comprised information and education in the entertaining programs. The combination of entertainment and information is called infotainment. Similarly, the combination of education in entertaining programs is called as edutainment.U Mobile Sdn Bhd is one of the well known mobile telecommunications service provider in Malaysia. From the advertisement above, U Mobile offered its new Unlimited HERO P79 postpaid plan.

For only RM79 per month, the “Unlimited” features that lets you stream music and videos as much as you want and whenever you want. In the other hand, U Mobile will also be giving free Spotify Premium for 6 months with every join of the Unlimited HERO P79 postpaid plan for the subscribers. In the advertisement, we could identify that the advertiser uses two functions of mass media, which is surveillance and entertainment.Instrumental surveillance gives valuable data to our day to day life. The advertiser uses this function to introduce their most recent products that are available for their existing users and will even attracts more mobile phone users in the future to subscribe for the postpaid plan. Audience receives information from the advertisement and will eager to discover more about the offers.

Entertainment function is also applied on the advertisement. The advertisement urged mobile users to spend their leisure time more enjoyable with the mobile plan. Users will be able to stream music and videos without having to worry about running out of data. This could not just help users to spend their leisure time but also allows users to release themselves from stress and boosts their moods.3.0 CONCLUSIONFrom this assignment, I have learnt about the significance of mass media functions.

Mass media connects people together in ways by spreading information and entertainment far and wide. When it comes to entertainment, mass media provides programs with a wide-viewing audience. Companies also able to gain fast attention for their products and services through advertising. However, mass media comes with its own list of downfalls. Some information may be inaccurate. As the audience, we have to put a certain amount of trust in the media. Mass media houses also need to provide reliable and accurate information.

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