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Last updated: April 8, 2019

Globalisation is the global spread of a single culture the world wide interconnections between societies.

This culture is often seen as the invasion of the western world in particular the United States of America upon other countries.During the last century within Europe – in particular the United Kingdom, the formation of capitalism is the suggested base point for globalisation. The trade without the British Empire brought in revenue. This revenue was then re-invested within the empire giving wealth to the country. British colonies produced raw materials, which would be transported by ship and processed in the United Kingdom. This meant that the UK could then trade or export these finished goods to Europe and further pastures.

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It is thought that this market trade sparked off the beginnings of Globalisation.This began to breakdown traditional boundaries of single countries or empires, the government trade without of their own countries.After the first world and particularly the Second World War, Their was an interest within Europe to encourage development of Europe as an institution.

Preventing further wars of this type occurring was within the interests of Europe. The formation of trade unions meant the Europe would begin to trade as a single union.The fundamental basis of present day Europe was the formation of the European Union. In this the common agricultural policy (C.

A.P) was a good base point.This policy meant that fixed prices would be given for all agricultural produce. This was done in order to encourage a fair growth in economy and make trade within the union easier. By control of prices the European Union can reduce the cost of production.

This is a classic example of how the formation of the European Union has made Europe a closer interrelated organisation, thus making Europe more Globalise.In more recent years the introduction of the European single currency – the Euro – has strengthened this Union bond even more. Trade with in the EU can now be done on a single currency basis. Also talks of creating a ‘super state’ of a united Europe are underway.Poland and Romania are two of the countries set to join the European Union in 2006, this is a symbolic movement, these ex-communist countries want to become part of globalise Europe. The fall of communism after the cold war and these countries now joining the EU shows that Western capitalism is the strong hold of the world.

Food stuffs and general house hold goods and most present day material positions, have be come a very global issue over the past century, Brand names like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Microsoft and McDonalds, are universally known named goods. Americanism or American culture has thought to have invaded the world these companies have thought to invaded the world with there product, in the sense that we become a singular culture in a negative way. The introduction of McDonalds into all most all countries of the world has had a great affect on how we eat in present day society. It is thought that the younger more impressionable are turning in there traditional cultures for the more American way.

It is thought that corporate companies Europe could be playing a similar role in the world.Cars now are produced on production line in which each component will be made in a different factory in another country. A German car is no longer a German car, it is constructed in Germany, using a French design team, Italian engineers, steal from Africa and plastics from Spain. This is done as production costs of manufacture, is often less in other less developed countries.

The globalisation of the world economy is the integration of economies throughout the world, through trade, financial flows, the exchange of technology and information and the movement of people in Europe and through out the worldGood communication links, Roads, Aerospace, and the good rail net work In Europe means that business between distances is easier. Transatlantic flights mean that business between Europe and the USA can be conducted easily. During the last century and first part of this travel by boat to North America was the only means of travel.

This took many days.The internet has been a revolution in communication in business, emails can be sent in mille seconds. The significance of the internet on a global scale is huge; this portal to all forms of business and advertisement has been a massive attribute in more recent globalisation. Media events can be posted on online in a matter of minutes. With more recent availability of broadband they can access information quicker.American films and programming are broadcast world wide; this is often also seen as in invasion of Americanism.The introduction of satellite and cable TV on a mass scale meant that viewers were no longer restricted to British viewing, thus they view more American television.

MoreRecently the introduction of broad band internet and digital television has meant that viewing has been further expanded. European and Indonesian television is also viewed on a global scale. The channels of MTV and CNN are good symbolic examples of how television is now used. CNN an American news network gives global news and weather. MTV is a music channel viewed internationally, American and European – particularly British music is seen globally.Rupert Murdock holds a great deal of media ownership of the world. It is noted that the media of the world is controlled by – the big 5 – these companies have a massive control over what the world views, listens to and reads.

This monopoly has a disturbing influence on the world.Telephones, fax, and the improved postal services have meant that communication can be instant or next day delivery.The key regions of the western world are North America, Europe and Japan.

These all trade amongst each other and it has been said that they perhaps exploit other countries. Africa and South America are to the most part under – developed, European and American banks have lent these countries funds in order to develop. These countries consequently have stunned their development due to high interest rates set by these banks and financial organisations. The World Bank – the international lending agency for development – has been particularly criticied for over lending.It has been almost 2 years since the events of September the eleventh; the events of this day have had a huge global impact.The war on terror and the international recession are huge present day issues. This major economic development slow down will affect major aspects of our lives for many years to come.

Globalisation perhaps is now so apparent it is unseen now as it is everywhere. There is a sceptics views that globalisation is no a new concept, England has known to have traded with the eastern world in spices and tea for many centuriesRecently the symbolic fast food corporation of McDonalds has pulled out of many underdeveloped countries, this perhaps could show a slow down in the rate of capitalist growth and the invasion of Americanism.

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