What is meant by euthanasia

Euthanasia is popularly taken to mean the practise of helping severely-ill people die, either at their request or by the doctor deciding to withdraw life suport.

Euthanasia is currently illegal in the United Kingdom and therefore medical workers refuse to help any patients in need. Euthanasia comes in different forms: voluntary and involuntary, involuntary being where a doctor, friends and family decide when the person involved cannot do so themselves and voluntary being where it is the person’s own choice. There is also passive and active euthanasia.Passive is when the medication is discontinued and the patient eventually dies; active euthanasia is when the patient is given something to help them die, for example an injection. The word euthanasia comes from the Greek meaning “a good death. ” In the United Kingdom it is illegal to perform euthanasia but in other places like Holland it is allowed. When we speak about euthanasia we usually talk about it being voluntary. Many people in the United Kingdom would like to see euthanasia legalised but in my opinion since there are many reasons against it i believe that it will remain illegal for longer.

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I intend to investigate the legalisation of euthanasia. I plan to look at the reasons for and against the leagalisation of it and finaly give my opinion on the matter. People would like to see euthanasia legalised as it should be up to the person involved i they do or do not want to live. It should not be up to anybody other than to whom it may concern.

If sombody is in uncontrollable pain consistently they should have the right to die if they were sure that that is what they wanted. Under no circumstances should anyone have to suffer if it is not what they wanted. About 5% of terminal pain is uncontrollable.People who are against euthanasia are saying that they want to keep these people in distress. Almost half of the doctor population agree with voluntary euthanasia.

They would willingly end someones life if they were sure it was what the patient wanted. A survey showed that higher than 10% of doctors had already been involved in the death of a patient. If the patient is eventually going to have a slow and very painful death, why should they not have the right to happily die in a peaceful way? They should not have to go through a painful life if they know that eventually they will die and it will be severely painful.They should be entitled to the relief of their pain. When someone dies it should be with dignity and peace.

Also, some people argue that there is no point in living if there is nothing to live for. Imagine, you are in hospital. As you cannot move due due paralysis, you are forced to lie in an uncomfortable bed day after day.

For some reason you have lost all friends, family and don’t have a home. What would you want to do? Carry on living eventually becoming depressed and dying unhappy or have the right to voluntarily end your life making yourself happy? If someone is genuinely wanting to die, why cant they?Nobody can force somebody into living! However, people do argue against euthanasia. Some doctors can argue that the patient is not making rational decisions due to being depressed.

They will argue that the patient willl regret it. Then the doctor will force the person to stay alive by keeping their medication running. This makes the doctor have total control over the patient, this is wrong.

Opposition of the decriminalisation of euthanasia also comes from religious people. They believe that there is only one person with the right to take and give life and that is God.Strict Christians follow the ten commandments, one of which is “Thou shall not kill”, and euthanasia is seen as aform of killing.

These views do not come from every religion. They vary depending on the religion. Some people might say that if euthanasia was legalised, the system could be open to abuse. However, if it was to be introduced and strictly controlled, there would be little chance of abuse. Today, doctors are allowed to withold treatment or deny resuscitation but they do not do this because they need an extra bed or because the greedy relatives want to get their hands on the will.

Recently, the family of Mary Oremerod praised her doctor after he had committed passive euthanasia. In conclusion, after investigating reasons for and gainst euthanasia, I still have my mind set on the legalisation of euthanasia. I believe that no other person should decide the fate of someone elses life. If someone is unconscious and cannot make their own decision, the doctor can perform involuntary euthanasia if the doctor believes that it is the best answer. People should not have to go through anything that they do not wish to go through. It is their life, nobody elses!

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