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What is the differencebetween Deming’s and Crosby’s approach? The difference between Crosby and Deming’s approach to management istheir substantial ways in the implementation of organizational change. Crosbydefines management as the ability to conform to the requirements. Thishighlights a description of the customer’s needs which must be detailed inplainly stated terms that describe what is needed at the end of a service orproduct. He believes that quality begins at the top and that the seniormanagement is entirely liable for the problems and their continuance.Furthermore, Crosby considers that quality management is built on theinvolvement of everyone in doing the right thing the first time. On the otherhand, Deming recommends a constant improvement of the process of production toattain conformance specifications and to minimize variability.How does Crosby plan toattain Zero Defects?Crosby’s zero defects are achieved by the commitment of the workers inavoiding errors and monitoring details which leads to the achievement ofproductivity (Evans & Lindsay, 2017).

He believes that doing the rightthing the first time is crucial for any organization because it leads to fewercosts in case of a rework or as problems arise. According to Crosby, motivationand promoting awareness among employees as well as clear perfection expectationfor every employee are essential in the achievement of zero defects.   How does Juran differfrom Cosby? Juran and Crosby have divergent views in their approaches to qualitymanagement. Kurian (2013) notes that Juran has cross-functional managementcomposed of quality planning, control, and management while Crosby believesthat achievement of quality management solely lies on conforming to the desiresof the customer and the prevention of defects instead of correcting them.

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Furthermore, Juran views workers as vital as they are close to the dailyactivities in an organization hence impact on the quality. Contrastively,Crosby believes on the motivation of the workers to improve the quality of thework and lessen the defects. Finally, Juran’s approach focusses on the parts ofan organization while Crosby believes that management approach involves a team.


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