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Last updated: September 19, 2019

What I believe that the concept ofreflective democracy means is the idea of there being the same percent type ofpeople in the government as there is in the actual area being governed. Forexample in a reflective democracy they would consider things like theethnicity, gender and sexuality of the citizens living in the area that isbeing governed and they would put an effort to try and incorporate the samepercent of the type of citizens there are into the same percent of people ofeach type into the government to sort of represent them and what can be foundwhere they are living. I would describe my cultural background to be a LatinAmerican because my ethnicity is Mexican and I was born in the United States. Mystate senator is in district 23 and he is senator Royce West. The culturalbackground of my senator Royce West is African American. In my entire communityor the area that my senator, Royce West, represents everyone is just about thesame as I am and I am not exposed to seeing people that are different thananyone in my community which are all minorities. I believe that the culture inmy district located in Dallas Texas is probably the same as the culture of myrepresentative because where I happen to live there are many minorities whichmostly include a lot of Latin Americans and African Americans.

The culturefound in my district is probably slightly different because the population ofLatin Americans is much more significant than any other, especially AfricanAmericans which is what he identifies as. The culture of my representativerelates to the culture of my district because both of our areas have some ofthe same ethnicities. Royce West’s culture is different to the one of thedistrict that he represents because the percent of people that are of hisethnicity isn’t as high. My culture compared with my district culture is aboutthe same because of the high amount of Hispanics living in it. My culture is differentto the one of the district because the senator is different ethnicity. Theadvantages to the district being different is being more diverse. Thedisadvantage is inaccurate representation.

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To join the differences I think everyone should learnabout other cultures. I believe that in my district a reflective democracy istruly being used because the person representing the community is not anydifferent than the citizens living in it.             Apolicy that my senator Royce West stands for is the bill HB3158 which rescuesthe Dallas Police and Fire pension plan. The purpose of the bill is to returnany Police and Fire Pension funds to financial solvency and have them regainpossession. The city will make sure to make the bill accomplish what it isgoing after because in the past the full pension funds aren’t returned.

Thereare many negotiations that must happen to approve of the bill. My senator,Royce West’s, viewpoint is that he is standing for this bill and believes that everyonemust stand for it to make it work. My viewpoint on this bill is that Ipersonally agree with what Royce West stated and also believe that the HB3158is positive for helping out and supporting the police and fire department whichare people who serve the community and deserve way more. I believe this billshould be passed. An alternative solution to the police and fire pension fundsis to have the city support them and have them pay it in the first place ratherthan the city helping if it is required for the missing amount needed.

Anexample of someone who might object to my idea is anyone that works for thecity because they probably will believe that there shouldn’t be anything comingout of the city’s pocket in the first place and they should wait to see howthey can support them. I believe that my idea would work out because the billreturns the pension funds and later the city will help but if we have the cityhelp out first with the pension and then they receive the actual funds then itevens out and will have the same result. Therefore the city in the end will notlose any money.             Nowthat I have my policy, if I want it to be put into action I will need to tryand make it be heard by other people that will decide to take action and alsoagree and support my claim. The first method is to try and contact someone whohas a much larger authority than me or any other citizen. I believe that thereis no better person to listen to what I have to say or any idea I have than theperson who represents my community, or the senator of my district. I havediscovered that it is possible to send an e-mail to your senator by findingtheir information on a government site or the actual website of the senatorhimself or herself.

A drawback of attempting to contact someone important witha larger authority is that they receive more than one e-mail which is the oneyou may choose to send and also even if it is possible for them to read it, theresponse period could be a long process that you may have to wait for, so thedrawbacks of an e-mail are that it is a time consuming process and there is noguarantee of it being read. Another method is getting multiple people in mycommunity to spread the message of a policy that I have in mind. This can bevery effective because the voice of many people is stronger than just one.

Ithink that the people in my community that should be involved are those thatgenuinely agree with my idea. The drawbacks of this method are that some peoplemay just not care. The benefits of getting people in my community active isthat they will gain more knowledge about what is happening in the district thatthey live in while at the same time participating and applying their knowledge.            Assumingthat my policy is successfully applied, I think that the consequences of itwill be that there are going to be many flaws in it considering that I didn’thave much time to think of it.

I think any consequences that may occur willonly affect a certain area like a state rather than reaching as far as theentire country, because considering that people review it, they would quicklyfind out what is wrong with it before it goes far enough to cause damage to thecountry. The effects over a short term may simply be loss of money and theeffects over the long term would probably filing for bankruptcy. The negativesof trying to implement a policy created by me are that it may not be effectiveand it could cause losses in the city. The positives of a policy created by mebeing implemented are that people will be more aware of what occurs in theirdistrict and they will participate and put effort into putting it into action.       

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