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What are theories of the language representation ? Andhow do we use this representational or symbolic system to regulate traffic ?Representation isa practice ,or a kind of ‘work’, which uses material objects as a effect .Representationmeans using a language to say something meaningful about , or to represent the worldmeaningful, to the other people .Language is a very broad and inclusive way torepresent something.

“Language is complex relationship between sounds andchords” (by Du Gay ,ed.1997and Mackay ,ed.1997). There are threeapproaches  for explaining themeaning  through language works they are:1)      Reflectiveapproach : In this approach  meaning isthought to be something that can be defined clearly as it can be about a object;person ;event and so on that can be seen as clear as one can see its face in oncereflection.2)      Intentionalapproach : In this the words  refers tothe distinctive meaning  and reverse  cases  such as to share or exchange information ,news or ideas  .3)      Constructionistapproach : this approach refers to the behavior and  programs of public ; social personality ofspeech .

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  The concepts and signs are suchthat they represent its meaning .Languagefunctions as a representational system , as in the traffic lights exampletraffic lights is a machine which produces different colored lights in threecolored sequence .The color of the traffic lights  have the divergent wavelengths  on the eye of the people , the phenomenon cannaturally or materialistic  that can havesensation of different colors .The representation or the symbolic representationis something that affects the spectrum of lights into different colors that aredifferentiated  from their name such asRed ;Green; yellow and so on”We represent or symbolize the different colors according to different colorconcepts and this is known as conceptual color system of our culture”.(in text by:hall ,1997)Accordingto the todays society color does not have any specific meaning or value andcannot be defined for a particular thing . Red color does not mean to “Stop” innature  ,any more than Green means “Go “.Red color can be defined as the symbol of love and danger also.

Green colordefines the  Environment  and satisfaction and further  more  .Redand Green work in the language of traffic lights such as  ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ are the interpretations whichhave been allocated  to them in cultureby the code or custom by  governinglanguage. For example , according to the constructionist approach colors andthe “language of traffic lights work”(ibid) as a symbolize  orrepresentational system that is conceptual map of colors in our culture –the way colors aredistinguished from one another . Secondly ,there are ways or words or imagesthat are related , language of colors consists of more than just the  individual words for different points oncolor of spectrum Meaning depends onthe relation between a sign and concept which is fixed by a code .  Meaning , the constructionist would say , is ‘relational’.  AfterCollecting all the information under one Umbrella , I concluded that therepresentation of language by colors has its own significance value to explainsomething in a unique or a different way .

The theories such  reflective ; intentional or constructionistare the approaches that  have differentmeanings of explaining one particular thing in three different ways  .Thus, the representational or symbolicsystem plays a significant role to describe something in a reflective ormimetic form of representation . 

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