What’s need to commute. Education. In Glenelg itself,

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What’s sogood about it?Glenelg is the most well-known beachside suburb inAdelaide. Set on the sandy shores of Holdfast Bay ten kilometres from thecentre of the city, it has a population of over 3,500 people. It is 20 – 25 minutes’drive from central Adelaide and using public transport it is a 25 minute tram journeyor 40 minutes by bus.

Thesuburb is as old as the city of Adelaide gets and has become a tourist destinationin its own right. It has a youthful feel with outdoor cafes, qualityrestaurants and a diverse housing stock. It is considered to be the most attractive ofthe seaside suburbs in Adelaide and the beach is one of the best in the citywith wide expanses of white sand and blue sea.

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Pine tree lined streets give thearea a cool feel during the summer. Linguistswill be pleased to note that Glenelg is one of the few suburb names that canboast of being a palindrome. What’sthe flip side?Ifyou are close to Jetty Road it will be busy throughout the year but especially soduring summer and at weekends, although it does get quieter the further youmove away.

Parking can be an issue due to the number of visitors drawn by thelocal attractions. Glenelg used to be a quieter location but developments sincethe 1990’s have transformed the area and some locals think that the changeshave not all been aesthetically pleasing. TransportThe Anzac Highway takes you to Adelaide city centre.Adelaide Metro bus serviceoperates services to various destinations including Adelaide Airport. GlenelgTram line is the only line still operating in Adelaide. It is about a 25 minute tripand departs from Moseley Square in Glenelg, runs along the local commercialspine of Jetty Road and then takes you into Victoria Square in the heart ofAdelaide. This tram connection makes Glenelg an especially attractive location forthose who need to commute. Education.

InGlenelg itself, St Mary’s Memorial School is a Catholic PrimarySchool – ICSEA value 1132. St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School is anindependent primary school – ICSEA value 1139. Other schools are nearby such asGlenelg Primary School in Glenelg East. Relaxationand EnjoymentGlenelghas been a place for recreation and leisure for a long time and the locals tendto young and active. The Glenelg Esplanade is regarded as one of the mostbeautiful strips of coastline in Adelaide. While the beach itself does notoffer much in the way of surf, the white sand and clear water makes it an attractivespot. Insummer, beaches are patrolled by the Glenelg Surf Life Savers.

There area multitude of activities to engage in such as sailing, fishing charters, beachvolleyball, walking trails, cycling, the dolphin swim or watch, the twilightcruise, enjoying the barbecue and play areas and of course, the water slides atthe Beachhouse Fun Park.Thereare two supermarkets in the Glenelg area. The main shopping strip is Jetty Roadwhich has something going on every day of the week. It is full of fish and chipshops, clothing stores and cafés and restaurants.

Thereis a fast-food strip closer to the seafront, along with pubs which attract largecrowds on summer nights. Mosley Square has a couple of bars and alfrescoeateries, while the bar-restaurants along Holdfast Shores Marina tend to be a quiteplush. Every New Year’s Eve there is a public party in the area.Socialsnapshot·        Café– Zest Café Gallery is good for breakfast and coffee. 2a Sussex Street, justoff Jetty Road. ·        Restaurant– Cardone’s Seafood & Grill focuses on fresh and seasonal local produce.Friendly staff and excellent food.

Shop 4, 108 Jetty Road. ·        Bar- Marina Sunset Bar for views both over the bay and the marina, with pool tableand live music. Shop 3, Holdfast Shores Marina. Location,location, locationGlenelg’sstreets offer an interesting mix of heritage listed manors, old bluestonecottages, modern townhouses, new apartment towers and Art Deco units.

Nonetheless, the characterand history of the area remains intact with a mixture of federation housesand colonial cottages on the back streetsApartmentblocks and old houses are common. There has been a large amount of more recentdevelopment along the seafront taking advantage of the coastal views such asthose on Holdfast Shores Marina. Anything with a beach view is prime real estate,with the uninterrupted outlooks along the Esplanade and Holdfast Promenadebeing the most sought after.AdelphiCrescent offers views over Patawalonga Creek while the back streets suchas Richardson Avenue and Tod Street to the north and Partridge Street andPier Street in the south offer seclusion. These side streets host fabulous renovatedtwo-storey Art Deco houses, many divided into units and the old stone cottagesthat were once home to the state’s early colonists.

Real estate and rent prices ·        Medianhouse price $842,500.·        MediumUnit price $427,500.·        Weeklymedian advertised house rent $460.·        Weeklymedian advertised unit rent $390.Limited budget – Three bedroom, two storey apartmentwith carport space on Gordon Street. Seconds from Jetty Road, air conditioning,built in wardrobes.

$270,000-$290,000.Unlimited budget – Penthouse apartment at HoldfastPromenade. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony, outdoor entertainment area,garage space and additional car spaces. Wonderful south western ocean coastal views,encompassing the Glenelg foreshore and beyond. Excellent complex facilitiesincluding indoor swimming pool. $2,395,000.

Insider knowledgeEamon: “There is a great community feel to thearea.”Eugene: “Glenelg is a fantastic place to raise a family and the peopleare very friendly. The local beach attractions make the area very popular withfamilies and young people, so it can get lively and busy which suits moresocial people, but maybe not those looking for a quieter place to live.”Fiona: “The beach is amazing and the coast line is beautiful.”Figures and pricesquoted as of January 2018Contributeto forthcoming articles about your neighbourhoodDo youlive in Kingston/Kingston Beach, Hobart? Do you have a favourite hangout, anypeeves or any good advice for people interested in your community? Do you haveany photographs of your area which you would like to share with us?If so,e-mail us at [email protected] Please include your name andaddress (we will not publish your address).

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