When amount of toxins for a long time

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Last updated: September 19, 2019

 When we talk about our environment wemean everything in the world around us which can affect our lives. When we talk about the environment wemean everything in the world around us that surrounds and affects all life onearth, including the air, food chains, the water cycle, plants, animals andother humans.  In my opinion, environment is more importantcompared to genes.

               Theremany importance of environment towards all the life in this world. fFirts andforemost, it is for healthy living. In order for all living things to behealthy, we need a clean environment. A clean environment includes unpollutedwater, fresh air, natural food resources and a neat and tidy surrounding. Allthis factors can help our population to become healthy and most of us can avoidmany diseases. But if we live in an unhealthy environment, it can contribute usto be affected by many diseases. For an example if our residential area is nearto a construction place, most of the time we will be inhalling polluted air.

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Polluted air can affect us in many ways but the most common is we will have thedifficulty to breathe and can lead to asthma. So in a nutshell, environmentespecially a clean environment is important to all living things in the world.             Next,environment is important to provide a better water resources to all the livingthings. Water is one of the important basic need that human need for survive.And it not just water but it must be clean and unpolluted water. The usage ofwater is immeasurable but the most common is we use water for drinking purpose.80% of human body mass is comprised by water.

So a clean water intake into ourbody is important so that we are not affected by any diseases. The most commonexample is when we consume polluted water that have high amount of toxins for along time it can affect our body system thus leading us to be infected bybacteria’s. As a result consuming polluted water can lead to many harmfuldiseases.             Moreover,environment provide us shelter to live. Shelter by definition it means a basic architectural structure orbuilding that provides cover. Shelter is one of the most important basic needsfor all livimg things especially for humans.

Environment provide us shelter forprotection. Shelter is important for both human and animals. In animals,shelter is important to save them from predator.

Shelter is important for bothanimals and humans as a place for them to shade during extreme climate changesand also for relaxation.              Furthermoreit plays an important role in regulating climate. Trees affect our climate andalso our weather in many ways.

Each part of the tree contribute to theregulation of climate. For an example, the leaves will become a device that willimmediately and automatically regulates temperature when it reaches certainpoint. Leaves usually undergoes evaporation and transpiration process. Duringevaporation, water is converted from liquid to vapor and evaporates from soil,lakes, rivers and even pavement. During transpiration, water that was drawn upthrough the soil by the roots evaporates from the leaves.


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