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When schools collaborate with the community, students can enrichtheir knowledge, skills, and talents from curricular and extracurricularexperiences or explorations (Epstein et al., 2009). Often, students gainself-confidence and ownership of the community in which they live fromcollaborating in activities within the community (Epstein et al.

, 2009). Becauseadministrators and other educators may not live in or near the community wherethey work, collaboration may increase their knowledge of the community and makethem aware of resources in the community that may enhance the curriculum andenrich students’ experiences (Epstein et al., 2009). Collaborating with thecommunity may be especially beneficial for educators in identifying localresources and services when assisting families having children with specialneeds (Epstein et al.

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, 2009). Epstein’s theory of overlapping spheres providesa model of the involvement of the family, school, and community in theeducation of children (Epstein et al., 2009).Families may benefit from schools collaborating with the communityby experiencing increased knowledge and gaining the use of resources within thecommunity to develop skills and obtain services for their family (Epstein,2001). Community collaboration also allows families to work together tostrengthen their relations and build a sense of ownership within the community(Epstein et al., 2009) Community is defined by Epstein (2001) as those interested in orinfluenced by the quality of education not just those families with children inthe school. The community is comprised of everyone influencing the educationalexperiences of students not just those living in neighborhoods near or aroundthe school (Epstein et al.

, 2009). Collaborating with the community is definedas identifying and integrating resources and services from the community toimprove school programs Information on community activities and services thatlink to learning skills, participation of alumni in school, and serviceintegration through partnerships with organizations such as civic, cultural,and health agencies in the community are considered as sample practices of thistype of involvement. Increased skills and talents, and specific benefits linkedto community programs are some of the results for children (Epstein et al,2002).

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