When by the University of London, and they

 When people think of multitasking, they thinkof how efficient and essential it is for everyday work, but they are wrong. TheDepartment of Applied Psychology, University of California’s “To Multitask orNot to Multitask” explicitly argues against the efficiency of multitasking,stating that it not only causes people to make more mistakes, but also changeshow the brain works, and leaves us remembering less information.  It all starts in the brain in the prefrontalcortex.

The prefrontal cortex is part of the brain that is used to payattention to one task by coordination with other parts of the brain. Theprefrontal cortex works best when focused on one task because it allows bothsides of the brain to work in unison, but when another job is added it cause eitherside of the brain to work alone. This alone causes us to be less productivewhen working but it can also cause our IQ to fall. This test was completed bythe University of London, and they found when people multitask it creates a 15point IQ drop, leaving someone with the same IQ as an eight-year-old kid.

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Inthe end not only will your IQ be affected but your efficiency in the workplacemay also be affected. This is because whenever you need to switch tasks, sodoes your brain. This switch is called the rule activation. This action consists of thebrain shutting off the cognitive rule of the previous task and starting up therule for the next one. By doing this, people in the workplace becomeless efficient due to the time it takes to switch to a new rule in the brain. Thereis a way to limit the amount of multitasking that’s happened in a workplace.First, by giving more time to complete individual tasks, instead of switchingback and forth, allows our brain to focus more. This leads to a more efficientworkplace.

Along with this, another way to help limit the amount ofmultitasking we do in group work is by making sure everyone is very focused onthe task. By also decreasing the number of programs used will limit the time ittakes to change to a new job. If everyone just focuses on one project insteadof trying to juggle many tasks at once it will lead to a much more efficient workplace. 

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