When children are, but I was a curious child.

When I was a young girl and people asked me what I wanted tobe when I grew up, I had no idea because I’ve always been interested inmultiple things at once. As I grew my career options broadened, but also becamemore specific to me. I knew I’d always wanted to be a person who helps others,but wasn’t exactly sure what path I wanted to take. I mean very few childrenare, but I was a curious child. Elementary was when I realized exactly what Iwanted to do.

I was a shy child, but when comfortable I loved to talk andlisten to others. It all started with a leather notebook I’d received from mydad and conversation with a friend on the playground. I started to take downnotes as she talked and then give her advice based on what she’d given me.

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She’dbeen quite upset at first and after talking with her a while I got her tosmile. This one smile was all it took for me to decide it was something I’dwant to repeatedly do for the rest of my life. This dream has yet to change andI am now in college majoring in Counseling-Psychology. Becoming a Psychologistis my dream and I know how I could potentially help a patient, but I neverlooked at the affects that going into the psychology career field would have onme. So, I did some research to see how detrimental and beneficial becoming apsychologist would be to me and how it would potentially affect my life.On the first source I found that Robert J.

Sternbergbelieves that psychology can help others in their everyday lives. Sternbergconducted this with three quizzes based on his research on learning, love andconflict resolution. The exercises showed that if your style doesn’t match withthe three most important levels that you are involved in you are less likely tobe successful. There first quiz was revolved around how we think and learn inthe work place it contained three levels and each person has a varying amountof each. The three levels are the legislative, judicial, and executive andeveryone has a different style due to fact that we are all different. No onelevel is better than the other, but it all depends on what task is being given.Furthermore, Sternberg’s second quizzed put emphasis on how we love impacts ourrelationships.

There are also three levels included in Sternberg’s triangulartheory of love, which include intimacy, passion and commitment. Intimacy,passion, and commitment all positively related to successful relationships. Howwell the levels matched with your partner would determine the happiness of therelationship. Also, the third quiz involved how we solve conflict. Sternbergfound that the way we solve conflict is steady and almost universal. Thearticle proves that the Psychology is important for the basic human interactionand levels of satisfaction a person could potentially achieve.

Although there are many benefit I could receive frompsychology, there are also few concerns that I found that could arise fromworking as a psychologist. I could often face issues with the demands of workand my personal life. Also, the challenge of maintain client/therapistrelationship. I could see these both as a potential problem, because I getattached to my work and time management could be and issue. Avoiding these workissues could lead to damage to me, my client, and to my profession. It’simportant I pay attention to signs like workaholism, suicidal thoughts, and lossof interest in work. The occupational hazards are serious matters andpsychologist should make sure to take care of themselves and seek help if need.

The last source I found out a few more gains I could getfrom studying psychology. In psychology you work with a range of people itbroadens your horizons which makes it useful for many settings and situations.By studying psychology, it can help you to build new relationships andstrengthen old ones. Also, when learning about psychology you study mentalhealth which makes you better understand the importance of mental health andhow to deal with certain issues. Psychology could also help with parenting,because you learn leadership and teaching skills which are important forraising a child.

Plus, in psychology you learn all about the developmentalstages of children, so it makes it a bit more interesting to see children growin person. This makes me feel a little better after hearing some of thenegatives, because I hope to someday have a family, so it’s good to know thatI’ll gain knowledge for my personal life as well from psychology.In closing, psychology is a very interesting field and hasvarious thing to take into consideration for the future. The psychology fieldmay benefit from my paper in information and hopefully take into count aboutmore studies on psychologist. There are many articles with very few numbers, solooking more into the satisfaction and lives of psychologist would better helpme understand what the field would be like for me.

Though there are quite a fewnegative to the psychology field, I see more positive and hopefully by the timeI’m done with school there are more studies to limit the negative outcomes in thepsychology field.

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