When decreases morbidity, reduces costs, improves the effectiveness of

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When people hear that they have cancer, they immediately relate it to death, it’s hard to hear that, it’s as if life is at its end. Go through a health process where the diagnosis is cancer, makes people feel vulnerable and depression appears, stress, sadness, defeat, denial in this situation; gradually and with the treatment and help of professionals or support groups many manage to strengthen, advance, accept, continue with a new way of living.Breast cancer has a high number of cases in the United States, is the second cause of death of cancers, but also has a high survival, two out of every 3 people with invasive cancer, survive for 5 years and more; with a good quality of life. It is important the prevention or early arrest of breast cancer, there are risk factors that can be modified but not others, such as age, genetic mutations, early onset of menstruation or start with menopause after 55 years, personal or family history; the early arrest of breast cancer decreases morbidity, reduces costs, improves the effectiveness of treatment and survival, raising awareness of breast cancer among people is a primordial task and there are currently many support groups to achieve it.Community support groups have an important role in raising awareness, there are different programs that support the early arrest of breast cancer and for these purpose different activities, events, fundraising, direct donations and multiple options are made to contribute to this noble cause. October has been called the month of prevention of breast or breast cancer and that is why products, brands, entities wear pink or wear a pink ribbon to show that they support women who struggle with this disease.

The Healthcare Education ProjectFree breast cancer screening testsBreast cancer is the most common among women in New York. Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature passed legislation to make breast cancer screenings free and available throughout the state. These evaluations include clinical breast exams and mammograms.

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ProgramsThey offer weekend and night screenings to help working women.Mobile mammography truck in each county and more funds for mobile services.http://healthcareeducationproject.org/event/free-breast-cancer-screenings/http://healthcareeducationproject.org/Early detection: breast health awareness and clinical exploration of the breastsEarly detection programsEducation to raise awareness about breast healthClinical exploration of the breastsInterventions throughout the continuous process of care according to the level of resourceswww.uicc.orgNational Breast Cancer FoundationNBCF’s mission is to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to people affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support servicesNBCF offers free and innovative programs to women with breast cancer. These programs include:National Mammography Program.

Beyond the ShockThey are an educational resource, informative videos, question and answer session in the community and the stories of cancer survivorsPatient navigationIt helps the person with the disinformation and cost barriers, this favors a timely attention and a precocious diagnosisBreast health awareness.In addition, in honor of the month of October, the month of awareness about breast cancer, have created activities, programs such as:Free mammary health guide, which can be downloaded on their website, freeShare stories of breast cancer survivors to help strengthen other people with cancer. These stories are told on their web platform by the survivors and their families.http://www.

nationalbreastcancer.org/breast-cancer-awareness-monthSupport our journey forwardGILDA’S CLUB255 Alexander StreetRochester, NY 14607Phone: 585.423.

9700www.gildasclubrochester.orgA free cancer support community that offersWeekly – wellness and family groupsMonthly – networking groups for specific cancer types.

Workshops – such as journaling, yoga, stress management.Lectures by specialistsSocial eventsGilda’s Club offers social and emotional support to children, adolescents, women and men affected by cancer.ProgramsSupport forLymphoma and leukemia groupMultiple Myeloma GroupCancer support groupFamily support groupLiving with loss groupBreast cancer groupThyroid cancer groupWellness and lifestyleCooking for wellness with Sue CzapCooking for well-being with Joanna LippWalk around the neighborhood and a smoothieRotating with Western NY WellnessSoft yogaMeditationSpirituality GroupAsk the allyCreativeChristmas card classLeather cord braceletLentil necklaceJewelryIntroduction to sewing and quiltingAcrylic paintOpen artKnitting and crochetBook ClubChorus of survivorsEventsGilda’s Guys Bachelor AuctionIncludes auctions, raffles, photo booth, spirit launch, humorGilda’s GangTraining program for 14 weeks of training to perform the 5-kilometer marathon.

Comics against cancerSurviving in Style fashion showMonopoly Tournamenthttp://www.gildasclubrochester.org/American cancer society1120 Goodman Street SouthRochester, NY 14620Phone: 585.288.

1950www.cancer.orgReach to RecoveryMan to ManLook Good … Feel BetterFinancial AssistanceHope LodgeCancer Support NetworkPublic Education: Provides speakers, films, literature, and brochures on cancer.Prevention: Information on healthy diet, smoking cessation, holds Pap test and breast self-exam clinics.

https://www.rochesterregional.org/services/cancer/support-services/community-support-resources/American Cancer SocietyThe American Cancer Society is a national health organization operated by community volunteers that offers a variety of services and programs for patients and their families; supporting research, it also provides printed materials and conducts educational programs. Programs- Online support communities- Hostels of Esperanza: accommodation for patients and relatives in charge of patients- Medical Insurance Assistance Service:- I Can Go Ahead: online cancer education classes for patients and family members- Patient Navigator Program: personal guide that helps cancer treatment- Aspire to Recovery: support for patients with breast cancer- Road to Recovery: transportation to get to the treatment site- Tender Loving Care (TLC): catalog and website for products for hair loss and mastectomyWeb: www.cancer.

orgCancerCareCancerCare provides professional counseling services to any person impacted by cancer, at no cost. They also have support groups on the Internet, by phone and in person.Connect® Education Workshops is a program of educational workshops that are offered by telephone or by direct broadcast videos on the Internet.Web: www.cancercare.orgNational Program for the Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer Centers for the Control and Prevention of DiseasesMail Stop K-644770 Buford Highway, NE.

Atlanta, GA 30341Free Line: 1-800-232-4636 (1-800-CDC-INFOTTY Line: [email protected] screening for breast and cervical cancer to low-income women, without health insurance or with limited coverage insurance.It offers detection services in all 50 states, in the District of Columbia, in the 5 US territories and in 11 Native American and Alaska Native organizations. Services include clinical breast exams, mammograms, pap smears, pelvic exams, diagnostic tests in case of abnormal results, and referrals to treatmentSusan G. Komen for the Cura®Suite 2505005 LBJ FreewayDallas, TX 75244Free Line: 1-877-465-6636Susan G. Komen for Cura® is a grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and intercessors who work together to save lives, empower people, verify the quality of medical care for everyone and advance science to find cures

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