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Last updated: September 23, 2019

When you think of the word technology, what comes to mind? The average person thinks thattechnology deals with gadgets or gizmos, however,there is more to the meaning of that word called “Technology”.

Technology isscientific knowledge or can be described as products or processes that are usedto accomplish various tasks in our daily lives such as learning, communication,creating artifacts and so much more.  Anotherimportant term we need to understand is creativity. When people think aboutcreativity, they think about expressing themselves like an artist. However, the ability to use imagination or originalideas to create inventions is considered to be creativity. With advances intechnology, there is a belief that technology diminishes one’s creativity. Studieshave shown that there are pros and cons to technology with respect to enhancingand destroying creativity. Therefore, the aim of this study is to prove thattechnology kills creativity because it hinders human imagination; computing hasreplaced creativity and education is not needed to enhance your skills.

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 During an interview, Albert Einstein quoted “I am enough of the artist to draw freelyupon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge islimited. Imagination encircles the world”. The use of technology hasrestricted persons from thinking outside the box because they are provided withmedium and resources that limits their creative thinking and hinders their useof imagination. The internet has provided such services to carbon copy anotherperson’s idea to make it their original art piece and as a result of this, theyare limited to their creativity. Thomas Edison once said, “To invent, youneed a good imagination and a pile of junk”. With the help of persons artwork being showcased whether, on the internet or an old portrait, it cancause persons to challenge themselves by creating new ideas and enhance theirskills by creating a new artwork.

For example,” Da Vinci’s most famous paintings, his mural The Last Supper has been anendless source of inspiration for artists and pop-culture parodists. But it’sAndy Warhol who elevated this depiction of Jesus’ last meal with his disciplesto pop art iconography.”  Although havingaccess to the material can enhance ones’skills it can also decrease ones’ creativity and originality.

Foundation artists such as Bill Graham and Norman Rockwellstarted off painting as a hobby and gradually developed their art with limitedtools such as pencils, paper, sculptures, charcoal, brushes or paints to createinspirational pieces that communicated with personsemotions and motivated up and coming artists to get involved; and now todaythey are known to be the graphic design foundation artists of the 1900s. InModern times, computing has replaced creativity with Digital Arts. Digital Artis a revolutionized method where images are done on the computer without theuse of tangible art tools; or handdrawings can be scanned into the computer and then completed using softwareprograms such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

In years to come educationin artistry will no longer be needed because, withthe use of technology, software programs are readily available to createimages. For example, paper, pens, images on the internet and colour palettes are accessible with the clickof a button. The foundation of art is gradually dwindling and being replacedwith digital art so persons are becoming less creative and less innovative. Gadgets such as cell phones,tablets and computers with the newtrending applications, allow persons to enhance their skills without aneducation at the schools. The purpose of Art and Designs schools with theassistance of your teacher in an exchange of a CSEC Qualification or Degree are to encourage students in developing theirown artistic work through theories and practical sessions to become graphicdesigners. For the past few years, it has become a challenge to identifyGraphic Designer as a profession.

This isso because the software programmes allow aperson to get access to piracy or trial version and cause persons tolearn the skills that need on sites such as YouTube. The purpose of thisSoftware programs was to highlight the features to specialized persons or students in the artwork to help improvetheir skills more. With the help from YouTube and other site, it has changed the concept of gaining full education onthe topic when the information is being implemented in a form of videos, whichcovers a full semester in a matter of a day. YouTube video which is uploaded every minute without any payment.

Asthis becomes more common and teaching technologies evolve to become moreefficient, graphic designers will need to offer clients something a bit differentif they’re going to stay ahead of the game. This will inevitably push graphicdesign forward, helping to create a more vibrant and dynamic industry. You canhave access to all your course content anytime, anywhere once you are connectedto the internet without any fee. Withcountless videos which demonstrate stepsfor their audience and corporate training; learners are able to enhance yourknowledge with a virtual library to better through illustrated concepts,procedures and ideas. Education at schoolsare now reduced and now persons havechosen to take shortcut way of learning which is understanding the basics onthe sites instead of being specialized inthe field which has cause creativity to dampen.  In Conclusion, Technology has only described the influence of creativity. It has been proven that its technology kills creativity because personsare lacking imagination because of the access tovarious mediums and other resources.

Advanced technology such as Digital artshas replaced the knowledge and hands-onexperience by a click of a button on the computer which is causing persons to be less creative and less innovative.Education on the Fundamental of Art and Design isno longer needed at schools, thanks to the Software programmes available on theinternet to everyone and YouTube. Also, fewerpersons are not specialized in the fields of Art. Technology is an expansion  

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