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Last updated: September 24, 2019

When faced with the question, “Which form of government do you prefer?”, I chose the most common answer, which would be a federation. A federalist government is most simply described as a form of government in which each state has power, yet there is one person in charge. There are many benefits and downsides to having a federation, but I personally believe that a the benefits outweigh the negative qualities to this form of government. Many people may disagree, but after research and dedication, I have finally decided that a federation would be the smartest option. Considering it’s a combination between a unitary and a confederacy, it does make sense to choose a federation. When asked about the benefits to a federation, the first thing I think about is the fact that it allows the states to have their own power, but it also leaves the big decisions, like declaring war, to the person in power.

I think that’s probably the smartest thing to do, since it keeps both sides happy. There are many federalist countries. Some of these countries include Germany, the United States of America, India, and more.

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I chose to associate this essay with Germany. Although many people argue about the reason Germany became a federation, I believe it has to do with the fact that after World War II, the United States of America set up Germany, and America is a federation. It also has to do with the Holy Roman Empire. Germany has always been a federation, although many people confuse that with the idea that during the period of Nazism, it was not a federation. This is incorrect; it was only extreme nationalism, but it did not take away the fact that Germany was a federation.

Overall, everyone has a different opinion on this topic. However, in my opinion, a federation would be the easiest to control and the most stable form of government.. Some downsides, like conflict, may seem important, but after considering the forms of downsides, I realized that no matter what, a federation government will always be the most reasonable answer.

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