When of the dangerous place. Just think about

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Last updated: September 20, 2019

         When it comes to the international issue, the first topic in my mind is refugee crisis in Europe. We all know the impact of Brexit, many people who living in the  United Kingdom were became a number of emigrants.

But people should focus on another serious problem which is the refugee issue of Myanmar, Syrian and Iraqi. Then I’ll talk about it for four parts. For the beginning, I’ll analysis what happens the refugee crisis. Then what’s the impact of the world? Finally, to think about the solutions and give the reflection.         According to the reports, there are at least 2.

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5 millions of refugees escaping into Europe after World War II. And there is the highest record shows that the number of refugees has over 50 million in 2013. What are the reasons that lead to those who have to leave their county? The reason is complicated. It concludes political position, geographical location, history, and religion.

Many countries worried about the refugee will make them become impoverished. They can’t afford the money or living space. Some countries scared of other counties to attack them.

For example, ISIS, which is the horror organization in the Middle East. The refugee is also afraid of the war in their country. So they running out of the dangerous place.          Just think about that there are a larger number of the refugee have no house to live. What will the problems occur? Maybe they will make something bad, like steal others money or food. People who are become destitute and homeless might affect the war’s effect.

It is caused immaculate people die from the war. In 2016, there is a child die beside the beach in Syrian. The picture created a tremendous influence in the world. Then the country that opposed to accepting the refugee turning their stand to think what the methods can help them.          The world likes the global village. We always advocate being kind to everyone and having a gentle heart. In fact, how many people do that? Most of the people are only saying the words not doing.

No one cares about the refugee live or die. People just care about themselves. Those who need someone give the hand, even an acceptation. As the points of my view, we should get rid of the prejudice of the refugee.

We are not different with them, though we born in different places. And I think the government which accepts the refugee can give them a work to live by themselves. Don’t afraid of the competition of work will decrease. It can improve the worker’s competitive strength.

To sum up the refugee crisis, we should protect anyone who lives in the same space with us. And we should be more satisfied with our life. We are too better than the others.

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