When they now avoid certain tasks which requires

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Last updated: May 23, 2019

When we say tech, people constrict theirvisions to gadgets like phones and laptops but what they forget is it isn’tonly about them but electronics like televisions,AC and other gadgets that hasnot only made our lives easier but has helped us to save our time and manuallabour. It has not only helped people to achieve an easy lifestyle but alsohelped us to get the required knowledge. Technology has served us since ages and has helped us grow and develop in aright meaning.

Talking about development if we see we have moved from handwashing clothes to washing machine, brooming to vaccum cleaning,and mostimportant of all payphones to cellphones.This reminds me of 3D graphics and animation. This is a part of technology thathas helped us humans to feel and live what we could have only dreamt of.Technological advancements has not only improved human experiences but it hasalso helped to improve efficiency of business. The huge technological marketnot only effects the national economy but also has helped fighting issues likeunemployment by providing and creating better job opportunities.Technology has surely helped usconnect and communicate people.

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It has provided youth with a platform toaddress Many social, political as well as general issues to spread awareness.Just like these advantages we herehave some disadvantages too. There are many general as well as social issues tobe discussed in this blog.

To start with let’s talk about few small issues that need our attention. As it’s said the main purpose of technology was to save our time. So now thatwe see we have a lot of time conserved there’s nothing much to do. Plus peoplehave become so much dependent on the technology that they now avoid certaintasks which requires labour. In other words technological advancements havecreated a generation of lazinessTechnology us handy and easily available but it’s expensive too. This thereforecreates a barrier when it comes to capability of people belonging to Middleclass or say lower class to afford certain gadgets.the best examples areiphones.

Another issues keeping in mind iphones is that the advancement is sorapid that the gadget tend to become obsolete easily.Technological advancement has raisedanother major issue and that is gender discrimination. With advancingtechnology women got to voice themselves on there lack of opportunities andtheir plausible chances to prove their worth.

It’s been observed that there’s a barrier created between two genders when itcomes to capability in certain fields and technology is one of them.Here women are considered less capable. Somehow if given a thought advancementis mostly based on creative ideas and women are generally found to be morecreative than men. They have the ability to work with creatively with minimalresources.

This is a quality that men lack so if we give women equal chances toprove their abilities we might find new ideas to improve the technology.Keeping in mind certain wonderful ladies like Del Harvey,Gimmi Rometty, SusanWojcicki who have tremendously worked there way up to the position they are nowwith their talents. For the fifth consecutive year, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has been named themost powerful woman in technology on the Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list,placing at No. 7 on the list overall.

With a personal fortune of $1.4 billion,Sandberg is powerful not only as a billionaire and top executive at the world’sfifth most va            luable brand,but also as a voice for female empowerment in the workplace and sharedresponsibilities at home.Technology has surely helped usconnect and communicate people. It has provided youth with a platform toaddress Many social, political as well as general issues to spread awareness.

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