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The worst day of my life I have had many bad times in my life but the one that really stood out was Westlifes split. I was two years old when i first heard Westlife sing i can remember the song swear it again . Every time it came on the radio it would light up my face. They were the first band since Take That and Boyzone to bring there single stright to number one.These boys started out very young Shane filan was from Co Sligo he was born on the 5th July 1979 he is the lead singer in the band he married his childhood sweetheart Gillian on December 28, 2003. Two years later they welcomed a gorgeous little girl on the 23rd of July 2005.

Shane and his wife now have three beautiful children. Mark was born on the 28th of May and is too one of the lead singer. He is from Co Sligo.In August 2005 he revealed he was gay the public did not responed very well to the news he was sent a load of not nice fan mail.

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In January 2005 he announced he was in a relationship with a British fashion photographer Kevin McDaid. He is now engaged and they plan on getting married soon. Kian Egan was born on 29th of April 1980. He was also from from Co Sligo he went to the same school as Shane and Mark.He launched a new venture along with Louis Walsh to put together and co-manage girlband, Wonderland. Unfortunately, the band has been dropped and split. He married actress /singer Jodi Albert on 8 May 2009 in Barbados.

And are now expecting there first baby together next January. Nicky Byrne was born on the the 9th of October 1978 in Dublin. he is a radio presenter and former footballer. He married his childhood sweetheart Georgina Ahern. on 5 August 2003 at the Wicklow Registry Office, in Co Wicklow.Along with a civil ceremony was followed on 9 August by a church blessing at the Roman Catholic Church of St Pierre et St Paul in Gallardon, Eure-et-Loir, France and a reception at the nearby 16th century Chateau d’Esclimon .

Georgina gave birth to twin boys Rocco and Jay on the 20th of april 2007. THE WESTLIFE BABIES 🙂 Westlife have sold over 44 million records together. They had more then 25 singles such as.Singles 1 Swear it again 2 Tell me what makes a man 3 More then words 4 uptown girl 5 Queen of my heart 6 I lay my love on you 7 Seasons in the sun 8 world of our own 9 I have a dream 10 You raise me up 11 Unbreakable 12 Flying with out wings 13 Home 14 Where we are 15 Something right 16 Im all ready there 17 What about now 18 Safe 19 I will reach you 20 Mandy 21 Tonight 22 Shes back 23 The reason 24 The rose 25 Before its to late 26 Miss you night 27 Chances 28 Hey Whatever 9 The easy way So thats there top 29 singles On the 1st of June the sold out 48,000 seats at Croke park as there 10 years as a band . They took a year of to spend time with there familys and go and record a brand new album * Where we are* this album was a big hit.

They came back on tour and sold out Croke park once again. That summer the released there 10th album Gravity .They done another tour and sold out the o2 in Dublin.

Westlife have been up and down and over the 14 years of being in a group but they have always stuck together . On the 19th October 2011 they officially announced they were splitting after a Greatest Hits album and a farewell tour. Westlife really have made my life so much better and i will never forget them and i hope no one will either. April Lynch 1 Purple

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