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Last updated: March 11, 2019

              Whereas Microsoft IIS, does comes with bit of a  price tag, though it is very strong and powerful web server, second biggest in the world, cost of licensing and features, extensions and modules does makes it very expensive and vulnerable compared to Apache, because most of the attacks are specially for Windows platform due to popularity, when the NSA “PRISM” program surveillance introduced to the world it made very clear PFS cryptography is unsafe , because of all these reasons  for the long-term and to become more beneficial from the web service I will recommend Apache version 2.4 will be much more effective, powerful, easier to maintain, secure and smoother for you. Choosing a good web server is always a debate and confusion but in my opinion I would suggest to choose three major factors cost, support and capabilities of the Web Server, then choose the right server appropriate for you. My advice would be go with Apache over Microsoft IIS because main reason is Apache is open source server which means there are always people who are willing to add more features (module) to the system according to the need of the developer.

As an open source, big community, it will always be free to use and features will always add up. If we’ve got any problem with the server there are enough professionals and companies ready to guide us and help us for web hosting. Apache can be integrated with any Operating System like UNIX, Windows, Linux, Mac OS but the best combination is with UNIX.

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Its free of charge so it doesn’t require any licensing fees, and the group have committed they will never charge for their services. Famous web development software like WordPress recommend to use Apache     IIS is only developed and managed strictly by Microsoft Corporation. It consists of different types of services like FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), IIS does come with different versions starting with IIS 1.

0 till the latest one IIS 10 which is bundled with Windows Server 2016 with windows 10 OS which also supports HTTP/2. IIS is often called poor at supporting Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) which is a property of key cryptography that ensure a long-term key will not be affected is a small or any components is decrypted. IIS has different types of features and authentication mechanism like: Anonymous authentication, Basic access authentication, Digest access authentication, Integrated Windows authentication, .NET passport authentication. IIS Version 7.5 also consist of FTP publishing Service, Administration Pack, Application Request Routing, Database Manager , etc.

IIS provides access to .NET framework and ASPX scripts which are very famous scripting language and is also integrated with MS SQL server, ASP, etc.  Specially IIS 7.

0 comes with the modular architecture structure which has many patch files or modules or extension which can be used as required and can be removed or added. Microsoft has also provided with IIS Express which is the small version of IIS. Microsoft do describe its server as flexible, easy and GUI oriented so it’s much easier to learn and which comes with great performance and security, . New servers on latest IIS updates are like nano servers,  Softwares Provided like IIS manager is very helpful and easier to maintain the services. But as Microsoft is a very big platform and it consist of billions of running devises running simultaneously and increasingly people and cyber criminals/ hackers  are trying to decrypt and create codes, phishing, sending atacks  that impacts the system totally and make it unsafe for future use.. Some of the popular website that uses Microsoft IIS are bing, live, outlook.

IIS(Internet Information Service) is a web server which is developed and designed by Microsoft. Microsoft’s offer web services through IIS and can only be operated through Microsoft Operating System.  Microsoft web server was a research project at University of Edinburgh in Scotland, because of the web traffic and difficulties to handle that came with the server, it was forced to develop its own server, now we all know it as Internet Information Service or ISS. It is a part of Windows NT.  It uses programming languages like Python, PHP, Perl,Tcl etc. Some of the popular models includes mod_digest, mod_access, mod_auth.  Apache uses very popular compression method called mod_gzip which helps to decrease the size of the web and is much faster to load. Features like Virtual hosting is very helpful for the developers and can serve different website at once, password and digital authentication, DBMS authentication and content negotiation with GUI (Graphical User Interfaces).

Apache is process-based server which means simultaneous connection requires a thread that can incur significant overhead. Some of the popular website that uses Apache are Baidu, Wikipedia, Paypal.Apache Web Server was founded on 1995, in 21 years it is one of the biggest leader’s servers.

It is also world’s most famous web server software. It is a collaborative software or open source which is freely available. It launched Apache License 1.1 in 2000 and version 2.0 the most famous Apache version, following up with Apache version 2.

2 and Apache version 2.4 the latest one which was launched in 2012,they are managed by Apache software foundation. Apache is developed to work with all the operating environments and runs on most of UNIX-based operating system, Windows, and Mac OS. Though it supports all the operating environments frequently it is used with Linux.

Which is combined with MySQL database and PHP scripting language. It has very strong user-community support and comes with enhanced security. It offers different compiled modules to enlarge the functions of the system. It is also called the patchy server where developers can patch the features and different function needed for their website. As the word “Apache” does not have any meaning to the authentic American Indian Tribe.Apache and IIS are different types of web servers, both the company which are hosting these have different goals and strategy to win the hearts of web developers or the companies to host website in their platform.

 According to the recent statistics by Netcraft 2016 Apache dominates the World Wide Web by 47.81% markets, which means 47.81% of the all the website in the world are hosted in Apache and out of this 98.8% are hosting version 2 of Apache.

It is the first website to host more than 100 million websites.  As of Microsoft’s IIS it is in the second position with 27.06% of website hosing in Microsoft, IIS is a growing and getting closer towards Apache, increasing websites being hosted at Microsoft are more , nginx coming third on the market with 13.

96%. The moment you log in to your computer and start browsing any website high chances are either you are using Apache web services or IIS (Internet Information System) because they are the biggest player in the World Wide Web. A web server can be defined as a program that uses HTTPS to serve the files that form the webpage.

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