While a whole host of well-known Disney film characters,

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Last updated: August 5, 2019

While watches are undoubtedly the most suiting accessory known for fashion, the taste of people for watches is becoming more distinct day by day. Moreover, none of them restricts the use of watch as a mere time-telling accessory but as a trendy band to show off on their wrists or enhance their overall appeal with the outfit. AM:PM which is a well-famous watch brand in the market and is known for its incredible and unique timepiece this time reveals a jaw-dropping Disney Mickey Mouse Watch in alluring Aqua Blue in the unisex category.This exquisite new timepiece by AM:PM is sold by Oxilux shop on the Amazon store online at a pleasant price i.e. $80.00, and can be also available with a gift wrap.

Needless to say, both boys and girls and especially the fanatic lovers of Disney characters will be looking ahead to it to pair with their favorite outfits and glam up their look.The brand’s designer quoted saying in a release event for the customers, “ORIGINALITY IS TRENDY! Choose a watch from this line and treat it as a beautiful, stylish and tasteful accessory to any outfit. If you sense a designer lies within you, watches from the DESIGN line are made for you! Dare to be trendy. Dare to be yourself.” And, on the exclusive Disney Magical collections, he exclaimed, “the collection encompasses a series of licensed watches featuring a whole host of well-known Disney film characters, including: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Disney Princess, Cars and Soy Luna.”The specifications of the watch are kept simple to ensure the amateur kids are convenient using it. It bears Quartz movement and Analog display on a complete round dial. While the band is mesmerizing in Aqua blue and is made of rubber, the case is made of both rubber and steel.

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Both are highly water-resistant and can bear resistance up  to 50 m. The rubber strap is 20mm wider and is approximately long that will fit on every wrist. The case diameter is 42mm and the dial window is made of Mineral that is hard and enduring enough to prevent and dent or scratches.  Besides, Amazon’s Asurion provides 2-year warranty on it.One thing that is surely appealing in the watch and hints creativity is the star-studded dial which is embossed with a cute colorful Mickey Mouse image and deceptive Mickey hands as the watch hands. It gives an illusion that the everyone’s favorite Mickey Mouse is showing the time when one looks at the watch.

This timeless piece of watch is also an authentic licensed Disney product like the brand’s other classic Disney watches. Considering its simple features and trendy appearance, elders, youngsters, teens and kids, all will be going to love this fine addition by AM:PM.

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